I really didn t want to like Brayden he s an arrogant, playboy hypocrite And yet, he s so adorably broken I know that sounds like a weird combo, but trust me, it works.
And Ashley Love her.
Love THEM.
This book really knocked me for six A literal beach read for me, I cannot imagine having a better book to read on holiday apart from the conclusion of course.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.
I read a lot I m talking at least 3 books a week And I m a pretty fast reader But this book, and the 2nd one that follows are not books to be read fast They are to be savored, and enjoyed like a big feast that never ends A beautiful, touching love story that starts when the two main characters, Ashley and Brayden are children and moves through their teens and into young adulthood I can t recommend this book enough It has everything you would want in a romance novel, but it is also a story of these two people coming of age and finding what they want and need in life, and in each other There are twists and turns that I never saw coming, and I guarantee you will laugh and cry If you are looking for a great, rich story, then these two books are it You won t be disappointed This one was impossible to put down, I loved it so muchthan I d anticipated I could not get enough, and am desperate to get my hands on book two I m so invested, I cannot wait Lord God I don t even know where to begin with this dang bladed Harlow Cole How about she got my emotions all up in a whirl I m lost, confused, shocked, and just like wow Even with my emotions in a tizzy, I am still in awe of the story Cole has left at my feet and can t wait to read .
Book one of this duet takes us on a journey of several superheroes who find out they are mortal like everyone else Ashley Brayden steal our hearts with their budding library friendship as children We see how they grow closer, Ash wit her sassy quirky ways and Brayden with his charming smile and predetermination for trouble Throw in some well written supporting characters and you re reliving your own childhood and feeling connected with our two colliding stars.
By the time we get to high school, summers, and new discoveries, I m snot sobbing on the lady sitting next to me on the bus talking about ↠´ Interference: (St.
Michaels Duet - Book 1)
↠´ This is the first book I have read by this author Harlow Cole, it was a beautifully written coming of age story The author s writing just flows so fluidly, she has a talent of painting a story with words So, so beautifully told The characters, both main and supporting, take on a personality all their own I can t praise this story enough there was so much history to cover between Ashley and Brayden from childhood through high school I thought it may be long, drawn out of repetitive storyline like so many stories seem to do, but it wasnt.
This did end in a cliffhanger, which I usually dislike, but it covered a lot of storyline I am Not going to rehash the blurb.
My advice is to buy it now And get part 2 while your at it.
Not going to rehash the blurb.
This is my first book by Harlow Cole I can promise you, it won t be my laststarting with the next book in this duet When I first started the book I thought it was going to be some quick, light, brother s best friend book that I could sail through, just kill time with I couldn t have beenwrong Ashley and Brayden s story stole my heart from the beginning with his nickname for her, Soot Ms Cole then went on to weave a deep, descriptive story of two people, friends since their early years Ashley was only 12 who fall deeply in love They fight that love because he really IS her brother s best friend and he s filled with an early life full or heartbreak and baggage that make being together almost impossible They have so many obstacles as they grow up and their A Goddamn Prodigy Its True Ask AnyoneI Threw My First Curveball The Day I Was BornThe Whole Town Is Waiting On MeTo Live Up To My Fathers Famous Name To Reach For The Stars All I Want To Reach For Is HerBut Ashley Is The Sweet Addiction I Cant Afford Shes My Best Friends Sister Hell, Shes Practically My Little Sister For Years, Ive Protected Her From Guys That Want One Thing What Happens Now That Ive Turned Into One Of Them Whos Gonna Shield Her [ read Online Interference: (St.
Michaels Duet - Book 1) ½ teachers PDF ] by Harlow Cole × From The Way I Was Made, From My Little White Lies And From What Im About To Become My Game Plan Sounds Simple Pitch My Way Into The Major League Draft And Stay Out Of Ashley Fosters Pants That First Part May Be Statistically DifficultThe Second Feels Damn Near ImpossibleAshleyFrom The Moment We Met, I Knew He Was TroubleThe Kind My Mother Sent Me To FindThe Type That Ruins You For Any Other BrandWhen We Were Young Kids, I Didnt Know What To Call The Frogs And Butterflies That Danced In My Belly Whenever Brayden Came Near Now I Know They Have A NameThose Three Little Words That Could Heal Or Destroy HimBefore Brayden, My Life Was Normal And Then It Wasnt It Couldnt Be Ever Again How Was I To Know Stealing His Seat Would Change All Our Lives Anger And Forgiveness Share Two Halves Of The Same CoinOur Story Might Make You Choose SidesInterference Is A Slow Burn, Coming Of Age Romance That Takes Readers From The Sweet Anticipation Of First Times To The Passion Of Soul Mates Finally Staking Their Claim This Novel Is The First Half Of The Completed St Michaels Duet Brayden And Ashley S Love Story Concludes In Book Two, STEALING HOME, Available To Order Now This Book Contains Mature Themes Intended For AnAudience Interference is the debut novel by Harlow Cole, and it s by far my favourite read of 2109 She writes her characters so true to life, I left like I knew them all personally Brayden is sexy, deep, charismatic, strong, weak, brave and scared all at once Ashley is passionate, loving, fierce, brave and badass, even at her weakest point Nathan is a perfect addition to their three musketeers childhood I am so happy this author blessed us with her work of heart, her imagination is a beautiful place, and I m grateful she chose to share it.

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