My comments regard the Kindle Edition Do NOT buy it if you do not want to struggle with reading it.
The editing is atrocious if it was edited at all Paragraphs run together, sentences run together, words are missing, etc.
Perhaps one would expect a product this poor in the early days of ebooks, but not now that they are a lotcommon.
Book Gives An Unparalleled Insight Into The Organisation, Day To Day Life And Psychology Of Wellingtons Army, Focusing On The Characters That Wellington Believed Could Go Anywhere And Do Anything Wellingtons Army Examines Both The Leaders And The Led The Daily Life, Manners And Customs Of The Peninsular Army Are Explored, Drawing On Despatches, General Orders And Records Of Court Martial, And, To A Greater Extent, Nonofficial Information Such As Diaries, Memoirs And LettersA Great Deal Of Literature Was Produced Trailer ✓ WELLINGTON'S ARMY 1809 - 1814 PDF by ☆ Sir Charles William Chadwick Oman During This Period, Written By Both Commissioned And Non Commissioned Soldiers For The Soldiers, The Campaign Became A Battle Against The Revolution, A Kind Of Crusade, And An Attempt To Thwart The Triple Headed Monster Of Republicanism, Atheism And Sedition The Soldiers Of Wellingtons Army Were Fighting For All That Made Life Worth Living Religion, Morality, Constitution, Laws And Liberty Thiwhers book would get a 5 star simply because it s written by Charles W.
C Oman and is packed with information that is hard to find elsewhere But a word of warning it would get a 1 star for its formatting It s too bad nobody took the time to do anythingthat run this older book through OCR, which simply can t do an adequate job deciphering the type in really old books And nobody made any attempt to separate the footnotes and headers from the rest of the text, which means constant interruption and confusion, and they appear willy nilly in the middle of pages It might not be so bad if the OCR errors didn t also mis interpret footnote symbols and numbers So this wonderful book is a mess Some parts are just plain un decipherable Okay, I understand there is an exttremely small market for this genre, and no, this book, even spruced up, would probab great.
WELLINGTON'S ARMY 1809 - 1814 å This book is of a series with Oman s multi volume History of the Peninsula War Sir Charles Oman b 1860, d 1946 is the pre eminent historian of the British army in this war Between 1808 and 1814, led by the Duke of Wellington and allied with with Spanish and Portuguese troops, this British army forced Napoleon s armies out of Portugal and Spain and back into France The British army as a whole was by no means an army of supermen, but Wellington and his veterans eventually became Napoleon s most formidable opponents on land This volume is a companion to the History , and answers many questions that a reader of these volumes would want to ask about the British army who were the Generals, who were the ordinary soldiers, and what were the characteristics that made

I am very unterested with anything to do with the Napoleonic wars and have got many books on them So this went very well with them Although this is the last book of Sir Charles Oman s multi volume history of the Peninsular War, it may be a good idea to read this book first, before starting on the series There is a wealth of information here about the generals, organization, modus operandi, and daily life of Wellington s Army, as well as on alliance management, especially with Portugal There is also a great deal about Wellington, and the author was not shy about criticizing England s hero of the Napoleonic Wars The Peninsular War was the UK s greatest land war until World War I, and the UK s fascination with it is attested by hundreds books written in the XIX Century Oman s series came after Napier s, but both are worth reading.
As other reviewers have noted, the Kindle version is deplorable, but it is readable, and for 1 it is certainly a fair value Absent therecent scholarship and

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