I have not yet finished the book but my comments so far are that I would consider this book as a fine text for appreciating the spell between the wars when all manner of small and not so small factions in all of Europe were active I have a keen interest in European history but some of the names were new to me i look forward to finishing it.
TELEGRAPH books OF THE YEAR AND EDITOR S CHOICE In The Summer OfMost Of Europe Plunged Into A War So Catastrophic That It Unhinged The Continent S Politics And Beliefs In A Way That Took Generations To Recover From The Disaster Terrified Its Survivors, Shocked That A Civilization That Had Blandly Assumed Itself To Be A Model For The Rest Of The World Had Collapsed Into A Chaotic Savagery Beyond Any Comparison InEuropeans Would [Ian Kershaw] ñ To Hell and Back: Europe, 1914-1949 (Penguin History of Europe 8) [womens PDF] Ebook Epub Download ñ Initiate A Second Conflict That Managed To Be Even Worse A War In Which The Killing Of Civilians Was Central And Which Culminated In The Holocaust To Hell And Back Tells This Story With Humanity, Flair And originality Kershaw Gives A Compelling Narrative Of Events, But He Also Wrestles With The Most Difficult Issues That The Events Raise With What It Meant For The Europeans Who Initiated And Lived Through Such Fearful Times And What This Means For Us The book is not military history, but the history of the Twentieth Century is, of course, dominated by two world wars Ian Kershaw s description of the First World War is of high quality, but it is not surprising that what he writes about Germany and the Second World War is veritably magisterial, when his track record is considered His comments are trenchant and his insights are numerous I know this period of history well, but the work has provided much which is new and relevant.
To Hell and Back: Europe, 1914-1949 (Penguin History of Europe 8) ☆ As good a history book as you ll ever read Covering 2 world wars and everything in between this is exactly the level of depth I wanted as someone who had only a limited understanding of the subject Eloquently written, thoroughly readable, the author skilfully pulls together the various strands of factors affecting the continent at this time.
As you would expect from Ian Kershaw, this provides a very well written, authoritative and excellent overview of the traumas facing Europe in this crucial period of history It is a very timely reminder when many have grown used to a generation of peace across most of Europe of the way that the continent was torn apart by war, divisions and national rivalries in the first half of the 20th century.
Very happy to have purchased this fine historical work by Ian Kershaw which with the DVD setThe Nazis, A Warning From History make an excellent learning tool for the modern reader and viewer Thank you seller.
Kind regards.
Harry Donaghy.

A very timely reminder of what can happen, and did happen, when Europe gives up trying to cooperate and descends into chaos We are very lucky to be alive today and not in the first half of the 20th century like our grand and great grand parents Ian Kershaw s great skill is in describing a Europe which is not so different from the one we know today despite the technological developments of the past 70 years The two World Wars are not so long ago, and far too recent to be forgotten now.
You might think, in view of the period covered, that this book would be full of military campaigns and generals In fact, the generals get hardly a mention and the military aspects only enough coverage to allow for understanding who were winners and losers the book concentrates on the socio political history and attempts to show political cause and consequence Thus Kershaw explains not only the horror of Stalin s persecutions and deportations, but also his twisted logic Same with Hitler not just what he did but why In no way does he defend their actions, but he shows what was going on in their paranoid minds He shows how the political failures and naivety of the western powers allowed Hitler to get ahead of the game and also how his backers in Germany only realised afterwards what a monster they had allowed to be born The suffering and hunger of millions

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