I m a big fan of Clive Barker and for me Weaveworld exemplifies what he does well It s been a few years since I last read this, so I was a little worried that it might not stand up to a re read, but I was proved wrong and that makes me happy There a three pillars that make this book stand tall The first is the imagination In places the tale touches upon the familiar and weaves them into something new Even though I d read the book before I found the book to be full of wonders and dark delights.
The second is the scale of the story It works on two levels, the most obvious being the overarching threat to an entire world Yet the story is a very personal one As with the first pillar the blend between the grandiose and the intimate works well.
Some may disagree with me on the third aspect I love Clive Barker s style of writing It s flamboyant and ignores ce A seminal fantasy tale, filled with magic and love and hope Barker s 1980s Britain is haunted by SeerKind, a race of people with raptures in their words They live in the margins and shadows, hunted by Immacolata, a powerful sorceress, and her two ethereal sisters Their places of magic have been lost to them for a century, woven into the fabric of a carpet, the Weaveworld Into the story come two humans, Cal and Suzanna They are dragged ever deeper into the battle between life and death Along the way they discover the magic within and between them as the carpet is unwoven, magic takes flight and the attention of the Scourge, a horror as old aa time is awoken.
read this in early 90 s and it was one of the iconic books that turned me to reading It was amazing, felt like i d been swept into another world while reading it Absolutely amazing, the characters and scenery make you just want it to never end,.
Being from near Liverpool I knew all the locations and they re forever in my mind now when i drive through An absolutely magical read, there is nothing like it xxxx Prose to die for this man s imagination and way with words is a joy I am not a fan of fantasy and thought this was horror, so in a way I kind of got the wrong book That said, for a genre I don t enjoy, this one kept me reading through a huge tome and it really is a long book You have got to buy into the creativity here the juxtaposition of an entirely supernatural race with a world that can be saved in a carpet Clever, funny in parts, occasionally creepy but utterly brilliant.
↠´ Weaveworld ↠´ I bought this book when it first came out way back in the mists of time but sadly many of my books were lost Now with e books and kindle books I am gradually putting some of my library back together.
Weaveworld is a glittering dark fantasy, I wont give any spoilers but the premise is imaginative, the storyline is crammed with ups and downs and twists and turns, the baddies are bad and the goodies are not so bad and the characterisations are believable and sympathetic and hiss inducing where they need to be.
Clive Barker is an absolute master storyteller and this book is an example of the craft at its very best.
I can remember buying this when it was first issued as a paperback many years ago and reading re reading it again and again.
I found the characters are well described, well rounded and almost three dimensional as a result Cal the dreamer, grandson of the poet Mad Mooney, who falls into this story completely by chance Suzanna the warrior, fighting for her survival and that of the Fugue Shadwell and Hogarth, driven men with disturbing souls Immacolata, the Magdalene and the Hag the unholy trinity carrying with them the stuff of dreams and nightmares And as for the Seerkind and their RapturesThis is a book I can revisit over and over again Yes, there are sexual themes although I wouldn t call them overly explicit Barker Has Made His Mark On Modern Fiction By Exposing All That Is Surreal And Magical In The Ordinary World And Exploring The Profound And Overwhelming Terror That Results With Its Volatile Mix Of The Fantastical And The Contemporary, The Everyday And The Otherworldly, Weaveworld Is An Epic Work Of Dark Fantasy And Horror A Tour De Force From One Of Today S Most Forceful And Imaginative à Weaveworld ë Download by à Clive Barker Artists Not my usual genre but I remembered my crowd all being into it years ago, so I struggled through it It is a good book, well written and for fantasy fans a good read I did like it and it often pops into my head, so its a stayer

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