a great book from one of the masters His personable style comes out in the book.
Gastronomy Is Renowned For Its Classic Recipes Passed From Generation To Generation From Burgundy To The Auvegne, Provence, The Loire And The Pyrenees, Traditional Family Cooking Has Always Been At The Heart Of The French Kitchen And Lifestyle With Its Delicious Dishes And Exquisite Ingredients As Diverse As They Regions From Which They Came From, Heritage Cooking And Family Values From Provincial France Have Stood The Test Of Time In This ✓ read ã The French Kitchen: 200 Recipes From the Master of French Cooking by Michel Roux Jr.
î Book Michel Roux Jr Star Of MasterChef And Owner Of The Two Michelin Star Le Gavroche In London, Explores The Heritage Of His Native French Cuisine With Classic Recipes Using Delicious Ingredients, Michel Roux Jr Will Help You Brings Provincial French Cooking Into Your Kitchen And Helps You To Recreate The Je Ne Sais Quoi That Only French Cuisine Can Embody I can see myself making the Macaroni and cheese with squash, maybe baking some of the bread but otherwise there is not a whole lot in here that I might actually make ✓ The French Kitchen: 200 Recipes From the Master of French Cooking × Not for me Just a great gift to those that love France or anything French Great book full of easy to make recipes.

Great recipes, vidid and colourful pictures, and a huge variety in the types of recipe Expect numerous ingredients and some be hard to obtain depending where you live and what your budget is , fairly complicated procedures, and perhaps some failed attempts.
however, this is French cooking from a master French chef after all, so don t expect these to come easy I really don t understand why people are giving less stars because some of the ingredients are hard to get hold of the recipes are authentic and if you changed it, they wouldn t be right To be fair I will say that there are recipes in here that I will never attempt not due to complexity or my own hampered skills I can t eat nose to tail so brains etc are a no for myself That said there arethan enough strong,classical recipes with which to produce something spectacular So far I have not been dissaponted with the soups, certain terrines and the odd surprise here and there corn chorizo eggs delicious A fantastic French cookery book that does not suffer from celebrity in the manner that some cook books do.

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