Quantitative Research Methods For Health Professionals A Practical Interactive Courseis A Superb Introduction To Epidemiology, Biostatistics, And Research Methodology For The Whole Health Care Community Drawing Examples From A Wide Range Of Health Research, This Practical Handbook Covers Important Contemporary Health Research Methods Such As Survival Analysis, Cox Regression, And Meta Analysis, The Understanding Of Which Go Beyond Introductory Concepts The Book Includes Self Assessment Exercises Throughout To Help Students Explore And Reflect On Their Understanding And A õ Quantitative Methods for Health Research: A Practical Interactive Guide to Epidemiology and Statistics eBook: Daniel Pope, Debbi Stanistreet: Amazon.
uk: Kindle Store ✓ Download by ê Daniel Pope Clear Distinction Is Made Between A Knowledge And Concepts That All Students Should Ensure They Understand And B Those That Can Be Pursued By Students Who Wish To Do So The Authors Incorporate A Program Of Practical Exercises In SPSS Using A Prepared Data Set That Helps To Consolidate The Theory And Develop Skills And Confidence In Data Handling, Analysis And Interpretation Complex and comprehensive The structure and depth of each section makes this an invaluable professional resource, especially in its coverage of prevention strategies and probability distributions.
Quantitative Methods for Health Research A Practical Interactive Guide to Epidemiology and Statistics Paperback Abridged, 26 Jan 2018The book.
At last a text book aimed at those researching public health and general population statistics related to health etc.
This is a text book which assumes a basic understanding of statistics It introduces all of the essential techniques for using and evaluating health based statistics.
It is designed to help those using and producing health statistics and it does it very well with lots of examples and good explanations.
It is ideal for those studding undergraduate health and epidemiology Students doing research degree will also find the content very useful.
A good text for those studding and using health statistics, recommen Arrived on time and all.
Quantitative Methods for Health Research: A Practical Interactive Guide to Epidemiology and Statistics eBook: Daniel Pope, Debbi Stanistreet: Amazon.
uk: Kindle Store
☆ This is a book with very precise definitions and clear language It is one that geeky science boffins will appreciate This stuff is far beyond what my tiny brain can understand, but I still found scratching the surface quite interesting This book is very, very thorough I found the chapter on Systematic Reviews and Meta Analysis Chapter 9 particularly useful.
CHAPTER 9 Introduction and Learning Objectives 385 Page 385 has definitions for systematic review and meta analysis as indented paragraphs To assess the validity of various studies, there needs to be a systematic, rigorous approach a review of all the evidence published and unpublished Increasing Power by Combining Studies 386 Resource Papers 387 9.
1 The Why and How of Systematic Reviews 387 9.
1 Why is it Important that Reviews be Systematic 387 9.
2 Method of Systematic Review Overview and Developing a Protocol 38 I am currently working in the field of health and epidemiology and found this book extremely useful in consolidating the ground work from my Masters training The use of contemporary examples from studies of health and the determinants of health helps put into context the epidemiological and statistical concepts that are introduced The book is a comprehensive resource and I would be happy to use it as a core text for my teaching epidemiology at a Masters level I think students looking for a straightforward training textbook in medical statistics would also benefit from this book.
This is an excellent text from Wiley Perfect for students in the healthcare field to support their research methodology for dissertations or doctoral theses, and also for those working in the field and, really, for anyone conducting an academic or professional research project.
Although it is aimed at health research, much of the content is transferable It is very comprehensive and detailed, giving not just the nuts and bolts of the mathematical side of it, but the real world practicalities of conducting research especially research involving people in all their infinite variety One major focus is on dealing with self assessment based research, something that is most important due to the limitations normally imposed by researchers and compounded by the self awareness, or lack thereof, of the population being researched And t Used this textbook during my online study for masters degree in public health.
It was recommeded by my university for it explantory wording.
Though I would have loved some aspects of it to be a bitdetailed especialy the statiscal content.
I would recommend it

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