The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century ✓ Very well researched but not all parts were of interest,so I skipped ,for example,the part about ships.
I would have appreciatedpictures to bring alive the descriptions.
I discovered black and white pictures at the end of the Kindle edition but it was interesting that they were in colour in the print edition.
The pictures were of poor quality and in effect hidden till I reached the end as were the footnotes.
Past Is A Foreign Country They Do Things Differently ThereImagine You Could Travel Back To The Fourteenth Century What Would You See, And Hear, And Smell Where Would You Stay What Are You Going To Eat And How Are You Going To Test To See If You Are Going Down With The Plague In The Time Traveller S Guide Ian Mortimer S Radical New Approach Turns Our Entire Understanding Of History Upside Down History Is Not Just Something To Be Studied It Is Also Something To Be Lived, [ Pdf The Time Traveller's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century í fairy-tale-retellings PDF ] by Ian Mortimer Ô Whether That S The Life Of A Peasant Or A Lord The Result Is Perhaps The Most Astonishing History Book You Are Ever Likely To read As Revolutionary As It Is Informative, As Entertaining As It Is Startling This is an entertaining assimilation of many sources from the 14th century and does what it sets out to do with skill and wit If history was taught with this immediacy and enthusiasm it would be a farpopular subject The author is your travel guide helping you to appreciate a foreign culture and explaining why people do what they do in the strange realm of Medieval England Despite your resistance you will learn about and come close to loving this alien nation A brilliant introduction to the period for students and an eye opener for the general reader.
One of the finest history books I have ever read It s a surprisingly scholarly work disguised as a fun read It s wonderfully vivid and paints a delightful and well sourced picture of Medieval Life You will learn a lot from this book and it will trick you into doing so with its wit and afraid to stop reading passages on fourteenth century toilets The things you learn from this book will stay with you forever.

Wonderfully evocative, informative, smooth prose from an expert on Medieval history.
He paints pictures that will inform, impress and stay with you An example from the opening chapter A Summer morning a servant opens an upstairs shutter and starts beating a blanket A dog guarding a traveller s packhorses starts barking Nearby traders call out from their market stalls while two women stand chatting, one shielding her eyes from the sun, the other with a basket in her arms The wooden beams of houses project out over the street Painted signs above the doors show what is on sale in the shops beneath Suddenly a thief grabs a merchant s purse near the traders stalls, and the merchant runs after him, shouting Everyone turns to watch And you, in the middle of all this Topics covered include Landscape City Town Countryside Population StatisticsPeople The content and focus of the book are very interesting, and it is largely well written The tone is not as light or funny as it thinks it is, and occasionally devotes a lot of time to quite dull lists contemporary evidence which I skipped through Footnotes are about 30% interesting additions asides and 70% simply referring to sources The travel guide schtick gets a bit strained, and could should have beenLonely Planet than dusty journal, but it is sufficiently interesting even when jokes fall flat or the author tries yet again to make you appreciate what a marvellous idea it is to imagine history as if you were there as if this has never been done before My Kindle forbook puts all the illustrations at the end, and would not let me zoom in on my phone I had no idea they were included, and would have been muchinterested to see them in the text or a

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