If he was S.
F you would never of heard about him as a lot of what he did was not unlike there state of operation.
This goes to show just how professional our armed forces are, this man is a legend, a lot of people could learn a lot from him,great book wonderfully written with a lot of pure emotion, the real type that onle a combat person can write.
I doubt there will be many soldiers who will have seen as much combat as Mick Flynn, in such diverse parts of the World and over four decades.
The book is very easy to read and difficult to put down once started.
Very much recommended Bullet Magnet by Mick Flynn, the true story of his active service from Northern Ireland, the Falklands, Iraq, Bosnia and Afghanistan.
What a story Sometimes his humour had me laughing out loud, and at other times the events that he portrayed in the written words had me shocked and saddened, having to re read the lines again to let it sink in Truly gripping from page one.
I won t spoil any of the stories endings by writing about them here, but I recommend you get yourself a copy and see for yourselves what SCM Mick Flynn CGC MC has seen and been through in his years of service It was also a nice touch to have a selection of photos mid book, to get a better idea of the equipment he used, and see the other chaps he mentions.
A very well deserved 5 stars, no doubt about it.
↠´ Bullet Magnet: Britain's Most Highly Decorated Frontline Soldier (Audio Download): Amazon.
uk: Mick Flynn, Richard Mitchley, Orion Publishing Group: books
Ï An interesting read Although not all the facts are correct During the Falklands chapter the author mentioned that 7 Para RHA continued to fire a salvo which resulted in some deaths within 3 Paras patrol I would like to mention 7 Para RHA did not serve in the Falklands War This was taken by 4th Light Field Regt RA.

This book is well worth reading as an individual soldier s account of his career in the British Army from the late 70 s until the 00 s He was combat hardened in Ireland, Falklands, 1st Gulf War and Kosovo and then had a successful commercial career outside of the Army He was persuaded to re join when in his 40 s and ended up doing tours in Afghanistan His sense of duty, courage and belonging to his unit set him apart He is an extremely brave person or crazy and won many awards for his actions I enjoyed the read and the descriptions and details of the actions he took part in were very insightful.
I have the pleasure of knowing Mick,and can remember him when he joined up.
I obviously never knew about his experiences,and am amazed that such a polite,quite modest man has lived through all this.
It s a pity he didn t get a Victoria Cross though,he thoroughly deserves one.
It s a very easy book to read In that I didn t want to put it down I was very much a part of that era and found the descriptions of Mick s military life completely captivating I was really impressed at him rejoicing His relationship with his wife must have been rock solid for this to work which it did Would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good old action story Well done Mr Flynn.
, Afghanistan An Apparently Deserted Village, And A Rapidly Ticking Clock The Relentless Taliban Ambush That Followed Saw Several British Soldiers Dead, Two Armoured Vehicles Destroyed And Corporal Of Horse Michael Flynn Awarded An MC To Go Alongside His Conspicuous Gallantry Cross Mick Flynn Has Never Backed Away From A Challenge From His Uncompromising South Wales Childhood Within A Whisker, At One Point, Of Cardiff Prison To The Streets Of Belfast, Where He First Learned The Bitter Realities ¹ read ↠´ Bullet Magnet: Britain's Most Highly Decorated Frontline Soldier (Audio Download): Amazon.
uk: Mick Flynn, Richard Mitchley, Orion Publishing Group: books by Mick Flynn à Of Armed Conflict, He S Had No Difficulty Finding And Facing Trouble Whether On The Storm Blasted Falklands Cliff Tops, Where He Witnessed The Sir Galahad Going Down In Flames, Or In The Searing Deserts Of Iraq, Where He And His Crew Pinned Down An Entire Division Of Enemy Tanks, He Has Carried The Attack With A Coolness That Has Earned Him The Respect Of Princes, Generals, And His Fellow Soldiers Mick Flynn Has Seen Action In Every Major British War Zone Of The PastYears And Still Serves With The Legendary Blues Royals Today Bullet Magnet Is His Story The Story Of An Extraordinary Modern Warrior Who Mixes Warmth And Humour, And At Times Heartbreaking Poignancy, With Truly Breathtaking Fighting Skills

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