I am a GP Trainer and found this book an excellent resource whilst helping my current ST3 prepare for his CSA.
It provides a succinct evidence based summary for clinical scenarios and gives a great range to help cover the RCGP curriculum.
The summary of the guidelines used is helpful to signpost trainees to the most up to date guidelines to help consolidate any learning.
I would definitely recommend this as a resource to carry around whilst preparing for the CSA The systmatic presentation, explanations and variability of questions is particularly well thought out A fantastic read for both trainer and trainee Well categorised I recently sat my CSA and used this book It is very well laid out with excellent consultation examples and guidance to practice with It was especially good for group learning and the layout is very user friendly and allows you to revise independently using the example management section of the book I would thoroughly recommend this as a CSA resource.

Really great book so helpful for csa and well laid out This was all I used Í CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, 4th edition: frameworks for clinical consultations Ú Excellent resource for the csa Clear concise and comprehensive.
As a GP trainer it has been useful both in terms of exam prep but also as a means of checking what hasn t come up in day to day practice Fantastic resource for the CSA Latest Edition Has Been Comprehensively Updated To Include New Information On The Latest Clinical Evidence, National Guidelines, And From The Recent Medical Literature All Existing Cases Have Been Revised New Cases Have Been Added To Cover Pre Diabetes And Premature Ejaculation Psoriasis, Sore Throat, Thyroid Disease And The PSA Test Are Covered In Even Detail The First Three Editions Have Helped Thousands Of Candidates Through The CSA Exam In The Last Nine Years The original Approach Has Therefore Been Retained So The Book Continues To Offer Readers Download Epub Format ☆ CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, 4th edition: frameworks for clinical consultations PDF by ê Thomas Das A Concise Need To Know Guide To Passing The CSA, With The Emphasis On Successfully Completing A Case In The Allotted Ten Minutes Using A Structured Consultation Framework That Works The Aim Of The Book Is To Leave Exam Candidates With Time To Concentrate On Passing The CSA Exam Itself ContentsSectionAn Approach To The CSA SectionSpecial GP Cases SectionTypical Cases Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Gastro Intestinal, Endocrinology, Musculo Skeletal, Neurology, Dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Genito Urinary And Men S Health, Sexual Health, Renal, Women S Health, Paediatrics, Psychiatry Appendices

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