And The Resistance Describes The Extraordinary Contribution To The Allied War Effort Made By The Special Operations Executive, From Its Formation InTo The End Of The War Within A Broadly Chronological Framework, The Book Illustrates How Resistance Was Stimulated Among The Subjugated Populations Of Europe And The Far East, Leading To The Sabotage Of Industry And Communications Critical To The Axis Cause Ranging From France, Through Scandinavia, The Low Countries , North Africa, The Balkans And The Far East, The [Bloomsbury] · SOE and The Resistance [africa PDF] Ebook Epub Download à Story Unfolds Through The Lives Of The Heroic Men And Women Who Served With The SOE In Enemy Held Territory, As Recorded In Their Obituaries In The Times A very interesting book to use to cross reference people mentioned in other WWII SOE books Could not read end to end though

Fascinating, especially as we live close to Tempsford, where many flew from This is an excellently organised series of obituaries which reveal a great deal about the amazing feats and lives of SOE agents Bringing these obituaries together into a single volume enables the reader, aided both by the expert commentary and the thoughtful grouping, a greater insight than could be achieved from reading them as published individually in the Times Michael Tillotson is to be commended on his sure footed handling of the material The foreword by the late Professor M R D Foot is instructive thoughshould not present the book a by M.
D Foot , it is principally the work of Michael Tillotson.

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