According to this princess the men of this country have a ghastly attitude towards their women Somehow, over time, the men have subjugated their women to the extent that they have absolutely no freedom at all Kept behind doors, totally covered up in the presence of other men and allowing them no say at all, even making divorce easy for themselves though not for their wives Religion is quoted as the reason that women should not be given freedom as they would all become wanton prostitutes Such hypocrisy Many of these men flout their religion and laws, especially those rich enough to buy their way out of trouble Even the male moral police go around dispensing justice to any woman found not covered up and even talking to a male non relative.
What are these men so scared of The over riding disgusting memory of this book Princess 2 is a great read, as gripping as the first Princess book It is not necessary to have read the first book to follow and understand this one but it does provide useful background and makes it easier to understand the behaviour and thoughts of the princess.
This book follows the life of princess Sultana s children She is an actual Saudi princess only name changed to protect her identity that longs forfreedom for women in Saudi Arabia Through tales of her children s lives the bitter reality of women in Saudi Arabia is portrayed.
Pros educational the degree of oppression of women is unspeakable and very sad quite a lot is explained about the way families and society function funny there are quite a few funny moments that are a welcome readCons odd language I found the language and expressions a bit dated with some big words th Don t approve of her bad naming paganism and saying they are evil Please do your research ignorance is intolerable in my book Look to your own religion first and see what terrors have unfolded because of it She comes across as very arrogant and spoilt and talks about her wealth a lot highlights their lack of empathy for animals which just reminds me how backwards a nation they are, very much lacking in compassion for living beings constantly think their barbaric actions against animals will be approved by God.

H I have read 1,000 s of books mainly true stories and these are by far the best read of a very brave princess to divulge to the rest of the world of tragedies in her country Amongst the the ridiculously wealthy these books bring home that money can t buy you everything I applaud princess sultana what a woman One I would like to meet Make sure you buy them all and read them from the first book Amazing ☆ Daughters Of Arabia: Princess 2 (Princess Series) ☆ Really enlightening read as are the other 2 books in the series Non judgemental of other cultures and beliefs but this gives you a very good understanding of what women have to deal with in other parts of the world and society Once I started reading this I couldn t actually put it down, very well written and a complete eye opener.
Would love to read and find out The follow up to Princess is just as intriguing and informative as the first book Drawn to Princess Sultana s wonderful, passionate character I felt angered, frustrated and deeply saddened along with her regarding the struggles Saudi Arabian women face.
I have just finished this book a week before driving is being legalised in the Kingdom I m sure Princess Sultana is thrilled, as I am and many women around the world For me these books have given Saudi women a face and a personality in my eyes they have become women we should support and fight for.
A good read, but not as good as some of her others, and you would need to have an interest in the subject, Of Princess Sultana S Extraordinary Biography Princess Were Gripped By Her Powerful Indictment Of Women S Lives Behind The Veil Within The Royal Family Of Saudi Arabia They Were Every Bit As Fascinated By The Sequel, Daughters Of ArabiaHere, The Princess Turns The Spotlight On Her Two Daughters, Maha And Amani, Both Teenagers Surrounded By Untold Opulence And Luxury From The Day They Were Born, But Stifled By The Unbearably Restrictive Lifestyle Imposed On Them, They Reacted In Equally Desperate Ways Their Download Epub Format ✓ Daughters Of Arabia: Princess 2 (Princess Series) PDF by ✓ Jean Sasson Dramatic And Shocking Stories, Together With Many Which Concern Other Members Of Princess Sultana S Huge Family, Are Set Against A Rich Backdrop Of Saudi Arabian Culture And Social S Which She Depicts With Equal Colour And Authenticity We Learn, For Example, Of The Fascinating Ritual Of The World Famous Annual Pilgrimage To Makkah As We Accompany The Princess And Her Family To This Holiest Of Cities Throughout, However, She Never Tires Of Her Quest To Expose The Injustices Which Her Society Levels Against Women In Her Courageous Campaign To Improve The Lot Of Her Own Daughters Of Arabia, Princess Sultana Once Strikes A Chord Amongst All Women Who Are Lucky Enough To Have The Freedom To Speak Out For Themselves

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