Type is so small, need a magnifier to read Renowned Critic And Scholar Addresses The Artistic And Vital Nature Of Language As Well As The Skills Needed To Convey And Receive The Written Word A Compilation Of Principles And Practical Guidelines, This Enduring Guide Examines The Practice Of Writing, The Use Of Jargon, Style, And The History Of English à On the Art of Writing ☆ Download by ☆ Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch Sir Literature For every student in the US or user of the English both US and the other one language Q is not well know over here but his work is the foundation for the brilliant novels by by Helene Hanff , 84 Charing Cross Road and others If you want to see how to really write comprehensively even in the electronic age curl up yes indeed with Q for the weekend ë On the Art of Writing Å I learned about this book from another book, one written by Helene Hanff, who learned her writing skills from it, and had to see for myself what was so special about it She is right, it is special and is actually a guide to becoming a well read person, too.
The condition was very good The lettering is so tiny and haven t really worked with the book yet.
A very good read Thank you

It may be 100 years old but it is still relevant I do not always agree with him on some points but it is vastly entertaining even if I haven t the latin and greek.
warned me when I used their feature to look inside the book that the edition I was buying would look different, but they didn t mention that the book was so poorly constructed edited printed that lines and whole paragraphs were missing, starting with page 1, and I m returning the book immediately.
The text on my page 1 begins in the middle of a sentence that is, in the edition we see at the web site, page 2 We miss the whole first page of text, and Section 1 of this edition the chapter titles have been stripped from the Table of Contents, too begins like this quoting exactly still when they arrive at them Let us push So they proceed I have said that all three are elderly men What I can hardly believe that someone would sell a book so badly put together, Lord only knows what

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