Fantastic book for any reader to understand and evaluate the actions of one of Europe s most controversial leaders Being the first book I have read about this particular era of European history I would thank Zamoyski for presenting a readable but detailed examination of Napoleon s life I would recommend to anybody who would like to knowabout the man himself or the ea in which he ruled.
Such a great book Excellent story about the life of Napol on.
A very different take on Napoleon After years of reading detailed analysis of napoleon s battles it was refreshing to read about the man I found the book well worth the read.
Son really enjoyed book interesting well written So, there is this myth about Napoleon The greatest, the changer, a true European legacy, the almost like a god, etc etc And many authors have written books about Napoleon, each writer with his own Napoleonastic mythical idea in the mind.
Then a difficult thing to do is to write a book about that man behind the myth Because then it is necessary to strip down all the fairy tales, all the wishfull stories, all the it must be true because I have heard it from someone infomation about the man behind the myth Because then the autor has to get rid of the myth to get down to the subject the person, the human being, the man It s like going against the grain, like swimming against the tide How dare you, you author.
And then there is another challenge for the author because if the facts have been stripped down from all the fancy stuff, then how to µ Napoleon: The Man Behind the Myth Õ This huge book by the Polish author is easily the best book yet on Bonaparte Unlike other accounts this one concentrates on the man and the many myths surrounding him It is balanced and illuminating.
The famous philosopher, Collingwood, said if you took away all the myths there would be little history left He was exaggerating but only a little The author s book, 1812, showed his mastery of the era and of Napoleon It is a classic Napoleon like Montgomery and Churchill and the Great War, to mention only a very few, are enveloped in romantic myth People dislike their idols being exposed Beware then this book Here fact not fiction reigns supreme The French will not like it.
Napoleon was not a genius despite his meteoric rise to Emperor He was a brilliant commander but Napoleon Is An Out And Out Masterpiece And A Joy To read Sir Antony Beevor, Author Of StalingradA Landmark New Biography That Presents The Man Behind The Many Myths The First Writer In English To Go Back To The original European Sources, Adam Zamoyski S Portrait Of Napoleon Is Historical Biography At Its FinestNapoleon Inspires Passionately Held And Often Conflicting Visions Was He A God Like Genius, Romantic Avatar, Megalomaniac Monster, Compulsive Warmonger Or Just A Nasty Little Dictator While He Displayed Elements Of These Traits At [ Pdf Napoleon: The Man Behind the Myth ↠´ womens-fiction PDF ] by Adam Zamoyski ↠´ Certain Times, Napoleon Was None Of These Things He Was A Man And, As Adam Zamoyski Presents Him In This Landmark Biography, A Rather Ordinary One At That He Exhibited Some Extraordinary Qualities During Some Phases Of His Life But It Is Hard To Credit Genius To A General Who Presided Over The Worst And Self Inflicted Disaster In Military History And Who Single Handedly Destroyed The Great Enterprise He And Others Had Toiled So Hard To Construct A Brilliant Tactician, He Was No StrategistBut Nor Was Napoleon An Evil Monster He Could Be Selfish And Violent But There Is No Evidence Of Him Wishing To Inflict Suffering Gratuitously His Motives Were Mostly Praiseworthy And His Ambition No Greater Than That Of Contemporaries Such As Alexander I Of Russia, Wellington, Nelson And Many What Made His Ambition Exceptional Was The Scope It Was Accorded By CircumstanceAdam Zamoyski Strips Away The Lacquer Of Prejudice And Places Napoleon The Man Within The Context Of His Times In The S, A Young Napoleon Entered A World At War, A Bitter Struggle For Supremacy And Survival With Leaders Motivated By A Quest For Power And By Self Interest He Did Not Start This War But It Dominated His Life And Continued, With One Brief Interruption, Until His Final Defeat In Based On Primary Sources In Many European Languages, And Beautifully Illustrated With Portraits Done Only From Life, This Magnificent Book Examines How Napoleone Buonaparte, The Boy From Corsica, Became Napoleon How He Achieved What He Did, And How It Came About That He Undid It It Does Not Justify Or Condemn But Seeks Instead To Understand Napoleon S Extraordinary Trajectory

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