Fresh Perspective On Viewing MyopiaMyopia Nearsightedness Has Become An Epidemic, And Is Expected To Affect NearlyBillion People ByWhen Facing A Myopia Diagnosis, Most People Feel They Have No Choice But To Get Prescription Lenses But Are Glasses And Contact Lensesreally The Only Solution Is Your Myopia Truly Incurable Are Your Genes Problematic No Through Scientifically Proven Facts, This Book Shows You How To Change Your Beliefs, Body, Mind, Environment, Lifestyle, Nutrition, And Habits To Prevent [Aileen Yi Fan] Å Habits for Better Vision: 20 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally (English Edition) [lovecraftian PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ë Myopia And Improve Your Eyesight Holistically And Naturally It Will Show You How To Jump Start Your Journey Towards Better VisionPrevent Myopia When Your Vision Is PerfectHalt Myopia Progression Or Even Reverse Myopia NaturallyModify Your Lifestyle, Nutrition, Sleep, Posture, Habits, And Behavior To Improve Your EyesightUnderstand The Role Of Stress, Emotion, And Mind In Natural Vision ImprovementHarness The Best Prevention And Cure Of Myopiasunshine, Nature AndForm New Daily Habits And Routines To Promote Your Eye Health And General Well BeingJohn F Kennedy Said, The Best Time To Repair Your Roof Is When The Sun Is Shining The Best Time To Prevent Myopia Is When Your Vision Is Perfect But Dont Lose Hope If You Already Have Myopia Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way This Book Will Help You To Find Your Way To Return To Your Ideal Vision ✓ Habits for Better Vision: 20 Scientifically Proven Ways to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally (English Edition) ✓ Thanks Aileen for years of thorough research and practices that culminated with this amazing book She explains various useful techniques that greatly improve visual health in an engaging way I truly encourage those who are looking to improve their visual health to read the book and follow the steps In fact, I believe after you add her suggestions to your daily routine, you may find that not only your visual health but also your overall health will improve The only thing I have a slight concern with is Set an alarm for every 20 minutes so you can look at the distance and relax your eyes from Habits 7 daily use of this may affect children s ability to concentrate in the future Of course, this is just my little thought, but if you are also worried about this you could just eliminate this one when your children are extremely focused on From start to finish, this is an authoritative and gripping book It is backed up by scientific research, the author s own investigations, and years of practical experience during which she honed her findings even further However, this isthan that It s straightforward with clear, logical explanations, and even I was able to follow everything There are some great full colour diagrams that I found very helpful, and it s full of practical activities and attitude checks to get started with immediately Bonus the author writes extremely well, so it s a pleasure to read This is not one of those thrown together self help books that gives you indigestion as you go through it I can see this method will work if you are prepared to try it It s like, duh, why didn t I think of investigating this topic Well, now I don t have to Wow Aileen Fan has written such an insightful book about how our eyes work She has done extensive research and communicates important truths about our eyes in a pleasant conversational tone Habits for Better Vision is full of practical steps that are easy to implement right away This book covers an array of topics that contribute to eye health diet, posture, lighting, sleep, relaxation and stress This is an excellent book for everyone since we all spend too much time looking at our phones or computers and not enough time looking far away at leaves on the trees Now please excuse me, I m going to stop staring at my computer and go outside and play with my kids Thanks Aileen for opening my eyes to the truth abo Myopia nearsightedness has become an epidemic and is expected to affect nearly 5 billion people by 2050 When facing a myopia diagnosis, most people feel they have no choice but to get prescription lenses But are glasses and contact lenses really the only solution Is your myopia truly incurable Are your genes problematic THis is a great book that teaches you the core habits for making your eyesight the best it can be, and especially if you have Myopia, you ll want to read this book Why get prescription lenses or contacts if you don t have to What if you could cure myopia forever In Habits for Better Vision author Aileen Fan shows you just how to do that with 20 great habits that you can put to action every day You don t have to do all 20 but you can just focus on one at a time until you get good results then go

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