Absorbing And Award Winning Biography Tells The Story Of The Tragedies And Triumphs Of Clara Wieck Schumann , A Musician Of Remarkable Achievements At Once Artist, Composer, Editor, Teacher, Wife, And Mother Of Eight Children, She Was An Important Force In The Musical World Of Her Time To Show How Schumann Surmounted The Obstacles Facing Female Artists In The Nineteenth Century, Nancy B Reich Has Drawn On Previously Unexplored Primary Sources Unpublished Diaries, Letters, And Family Papers, As Well As ☆ read ↠´ Clara Schumann (Revised): The Artist and the Woman by Nancy B Reich Õ Concert Programs Going Beyond The Familiar Legends Of The Schumann Literature, She Applies The Tools Of Musicological Scholarship And The Insights Of Psychology To Provide A New, Full Scale PortraitThe Book Is Divided Into Two Parts In Part One, Reich Follows Clara Schumanns Life From Her Early Years As A Child Prodigy Through Her Marriage To Robert Schumann And Into The Forty Years After His Death, When She Established And Maintained An Extraordinary European Career While Supporting And Supervising A Household And Seven Children Part Two Covers Four Major Themes In Schumanns Life Her Relationship With Johannes Brahms And Other Friends And Contemporaries Her Creative Work Her Life On The Concert Stage And Her Success As A TeacherThroughout, Excerpts From Diaries And Letters In Reichs Own Translations Clear Up Misconceptions About Her Life And Achievements And Her Partnership With Robert Schumann Highlighting Aspects Of Clara Schumanns Personality And Character That Have Been Neglected By Earlier Biographers, This Candid And Eminently Readable Account Adds Appreciably To Our Understanding Of A Fascinating Artist And WomanFor This Revised Edition, Reich Has Added Several Photographs And Updated The Text To Include Recent Discoveries She Has Also Prepared A Catalogue Of Works That Includes All Of Clara Schumanns Known Published And Unpublished Compositions And Works She Edited, As Well As Descriptions Of The Autographs, The First Editions, The Modern Editions, And Recent Literature On Each Piece The Catalogue Also Notes Schumanns Performances Of Her Own Music And Provides Pertinent Quotations From Letters, Diaries, And Contemporary Reviews I have this book on my Feminist Reading List, though it s not overtly political It doesn t need to be Clara Schumann s life speaks for itself She had amazing talent from a young age, coupled with iron discipline and stamina She toured Paris on her own at nineteen, and toured Russia during winter amid conditions that nearly killed her poor husband She was one of the first pianists to perform entirely from memory, and also a great improviser Ever the virtuoso, she despised any kind of showmanship As one reviewer put it, the beautiful and refined playing of Frau Dr Schumann waseffective than the stormy extravagances of Herr Liszt The issues are here, of course Clara was turned down for a teaching position, and later became the only woman on the faculty of the Hoch Conservatory Society frowned on her touring without her husband She

This engrossing biography deserves the highest praise for style and substance as well as organization Not a page caused me to lose interest In fact, I cannot imagine a superior biography of the remarkable Clara Schumann.
Her existence was closely touched by many of the greatest composers and performers of her time and the author weaves it all together clearly and vividly First and foremost, naturally, the tragic story of Robert Schumann.
Then there was Brahms His youth and, in a way, his entire life were so large a part of Clara s existence that his admirers will find much to interest them here The author presents the great composer s devotion to her as a truly chivalrous attachment persisting through the decades That is all we will ever know, though the author surmises that Clara may have come to love him asthan a friend and he in h Ý Clara Schumann (Revised): The Artist and the Woman ã Reich s beautifully written, thoroughly researched and objective book is certainly the best biography on Clara Weick Schumann in English It is also one of the finest biographies I have read of any subject by any author.
From her childhood as a piano virtuoso through her 50 year performing career, Schumann was an international star of the concert stage, a composer and champion of the composers close to her, a woman who astounded and compelled those who knew her, a legend in her own time.
She was, as we know, beset by personnal tragedies of the most anguishing kind, beginning with her complex relationship with her taskmaster father, who taught her, drove her mercilessly, and made her a star at the age of 12, then refused to allow her to marry the love of her life,She defied him at a dear price and married Robert Schumann anyway The book explore

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