↠´ SITELESS: 1001 Building Forms (The MIT Press) ↠´ bought mine during the summer definitely worth to go through each form and try to develop a mini project out of that.
The content in this book is extremely helpful in order to generate the initial massing during the design process I d definitely recommend this book for architecture students out there to check out this book.
Attempt To Free Architecture From Site And Program Constraints And To Counter The Profusion Of Ever Bigger Architecture books With Ever Smaller Content Some May Call It The First Manifesto Of The Twenty First Century, For It Lays Down A New Way To Think About Architecture Others May Think Of It As The Last Architectural Treatise, For It Provides A Discursive Container For Ideas That Would Otherwise Be Lost Whatever Genre It Belongs To, SITELESS Is A Download Epub Format â SITELESS: 1001 Building Forms (The MIT Press) PDF by Þ Francois Blanciak New Kind Of Architecture Book That Seems To Have Come Out Of Nowhere Its Author, A Young French Architect Practicing In Tokyo, Admits He Didn T Do This Out Of Reverence Toward Architecture, But Rather Out Of A Profound Boredom With The Discipline, As A Sort Of Compulsive Reaction What Would Happen If Architects Liberated Their Minds From The Constraints Of Site, Program, And Budget He Asks The Result Is A Book That Is Saturated With Forms, And As Free Of Words As Any Architecture Book The MIT Press Has Ever Published TheBuilding Forms In SITELESS Include Structural Parasites, Chain Link Towers, Ball Bearing Floors, Corrugated Corners, Exponential Balconies, Radial Facades, Crawling Frames, Forensic Housing And Other Architectural Ideas That May Require Construction Techniques Not Yet Developed And A Relation To Gravity Not Yet Achieved SITELESS Presents An Open Ended Compendium Of Visual Ideas For The Architectural Imagination To Draw From The Forms, Drawn Freehand To Avoid Software Specific Shapes But From A Constant Viewing Angle, Are Presented Twelve To A Page, With No Scale, Order, Or End To The Series After Setting DownForms In Siteless Conditions And Embryonic Stages, Blanciak Takes One Of The Forms And Performs A Scale Test, Showing What Happens When One Of These Fantastic Ideas Is Subjected To The Actual Constraints Of A Site In Central Tokyo The Book Ends By Illustrating The Potential Of These Shapes To Morph Into Actual Building Proportions I am an architecture student and whenever I get stuck on a project, I flip through this book to get some inspiration.

Excellent bookhelps to open up the imagination to numerous possibilities on possible building forms but thinking about it critically these forms could be anything you wantanother marginal benefit this book conveys is shade giving depth mass to the surfaces and volume of each object I received this book less than an hour ago and it blew my mind I am an artist not an architect Each little drawing is a wonderful perspective study I will be using this book to copy, explore, and extend these forms The only thing the drawings are missing are shadows, but I think this omission was on purpose to keep these forms truly siteless in the architectural sense.

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