Cryptography Engineering discusses building cryptographic systems from the ground up The focus is on the engineering and security aspect, rather than the theoretical or mathematical While the book is highly technical in some places, the writing was thoughtful and easy to understand.
Part One of the book looks at the building blocks of cryptography and security Block ciphers, hashing, and authentication are covered in depth Possible attack scenarios are covered as well The book does an excellent job looking at how to build a secure system and how malicious actors can try and bypass the security.
Common examples uses Alice and Bob in diagrams, and Eve is used to represent eavesdroppers or attackers The diagrams helped me a lot in understanding some situations.
The mid sections of the book examine some exisiting cryptographic protocols The focus in on how they are enginee ☆ Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications ¾ Great book about cryptography.
Most cryptography books focus mostly on math This book is different it builds practical engineering understanding of real world security problems and how cryptography solves it The is also a little math that helps to understand the algorithms.
Most books focus on the mathematics behind cryptography While really cool and important to know if you plan on fooling with cryptography , those books tend to leave you a little lost in terms of recommendations on how to properly use cryptography in your own applications This book covers the gap pretty well, I believe it was an enjoyable read, with enough theory to be interesting but mostly lots of discussion on real use cases I would recommend this book to anyone new ish to cryptography that wants recommendations on which crypto algorithms or methods to use If you want deeper understanding of how it works, you d probably want to pick a different book to supplement however.
I just got the book, skimmed over it and compared it with the 1st edition Practical Cryptography.
First of all, if you don t have the 1st edition, this is an excellent buy It s a middle ground book and probably the one you should start with if you are interested in practical cryptography Then, depending on your interests and needs, you could proceed to a technically and mathematically much deeper but somewhat obsolete Applied Cryptography Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, Second Editionor to some other direction using the foundation laid down in this book and then getting other book s about hard core mathematics of cryptography or about softer methods of social engineering and real life security.
I will now assume you know what the book is all about and that you are considering upgrading it so here are some quick things I hope to help you deciding first of all, obviously A great book for those wanting to broach into the CYBERSECURITY space Ultimate Guide To Cryptography, Updated From An Author Team Of The World S Top Cryptography ExpertsCryptography Is Vital To Keeping Information Safe, In An Era When The Formula To Do So Becomes And Challenging Written By A Team Of World Renowned Cryptography Experts, This Essential Guide Is The Definitive Introduction To All Major Areas Of Cryptography Message Security, Key Negotiation, And Key Management You Ll Learn How To Think Like A Cryptographer You Ll Discover Techniques For Building Cryptography Into Products From [ read Online Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications ✓ war PDF ] by Niels Ferguson Õ The Start And You Ll Examine The Many Technical Changes In The FieldAfter A Basic Overview Of Cryptography And What It Means Today, This Indispensable Resource Covers Such Topics As Block Ciphers, Block Modes, Hash Functions, Encryption Modes, Message Authentication Codes, Implementation Issues, Negotiation Protocols, And Helpful Examples And Hands On Exercises Enhance Your Understanding Of The Multi Faceted Field Of CryptographyAn Author Team Of Internationally Recognized Cryptography Experts Updates You On Vital Topics In The Field Of CryptographyShows You How To Build Cryptography Into Products From The StartExamines Updates And Changes To CryptographyIncludes Coverage On Key Servers, Message Security, Authentication Codes, New Standards, Block Ciphers, Message Authentication Codes, And Cryptography Engineering Gets You Up To Speed In The Ever Evolving Field Of Cryptography

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