This is an amazing collection of poems which will truly speak to your heart in a very deep way These poems guide the reader to explore love, beauty, joy, pain, loss and gratitude in ways they may not have dared to feel This book is a must have and can make a wonderful gift to anyone who has experienced both deep love and possibly deep pain all at the same time Enjoy Poetry Living Within These Pages Tells Stories Of Love, Heartbreak, Freedom, Oppression, Sexual Assault, Sexism, Hope And Humanity Our Darkest Times Are Where We Grow The Most, So In This Book, I Share Mine, And Together, We Learn How To HealBridgett Devoue Can Be Found On Instagram Bridgettdevoue, And At Bridgettdevoue Soft Thorns Is Her First Published Book Of ô soft thorns (English Edition) á Download by ê bridgett devoue Poetry exactement comme sur la photo, les po mes sont d une douceur in e, je recommande.
soft thorns (English Edition) ✓ One of the best modern poetry books available today If you appreciate darker elements in your poetry that really speak to struggles of depression, love, and heartbreak, this one is for you Worth reading a second and third time.
I will probably consider buyingof her books This is a book that I have read twice already Everything that I have went through or I have been through or I am going through this book took me It s another one of my absolute favorites I wish that I could give this bookthan five stars Great read love it The only problem I have with it is the size of the book compared to the tiny poems It would be a cute if it was a lot smaller

Ce livre est vraiment incroyable Le servicetait un peu d cevant car le livre est arriv tr s en retard N anmoins, a valait la peine d attendre C est de l art Super livre de po sie en anglais

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