Book Of The Month For February Yuval Noah Harari Has Some Questions Among The Biggest How Did Homo Sapiens Or Homo Sapiens Sapiens , If Youre Feeling Especially Wise Today Evolve From An Unexceptional Savannah Dwelling Primate To Become The Dominant Force On The Planet, Emerging As The Lone Survivor Out Of Six Distinct, Competing Hominid Species He Also Has Some Answers, And Theyre Not What Youd Expect Tackling Evolutionary Concepts From [Yuval Noah Harari] ä Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind [jeune-adulte-contemporain PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ A Historians Perspective, Sapiens A Brief History Of Humankind, Describes Human Development Through A Framework Of Three Not Necessarily Orthodox Revolutions The Cognitive, The Agricultural, And The Scientific His Ideas Are Interesting And Often Amusing Why Have Humans Managed To Build Astonishingly Large Populations When Other Primate Groups Top Out At Individuals Because Our Talent For Gossip Allows Us To Build Networks In Societies Too Large For Personal Relationships Between Everyone, And Our Universally Accepted Imagined Realities Such As Money, Religion, And Limited Liability Corporationskeep Us In Line Who Cultivated Whom, Humans Or Wheat Wheat Though The Concepts Are Unusual And Sometimes Heavy As Is The Book, Literally Hararis Deft Prose And Wry, Subversive Humor Make Quick Work Of Material Prone To Academic Tedium Hes Written A Book Of Popular Nonfiction It Was A Bestseller Overseas, No Doubt In Part Because His Conclusions Draw Controversy Landing Somewhere In The Middle Of A Venn Diagram Of Genetics, Sociology, And History Throughout, Harari Returns Frequently To Another Question Does All This Progress Make Us Happier, Our Lives Easier The Answer Might Disappoint You Jon ForoHarari Is Provocative And Entertaining Publishers Weekly

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