Jacques Sicard make a great work with The Chasseurs d Afrique, they were a light cavalry version of the French Foreign Legion, and are perhaps best known through the book and film Under Two Flags this volume s detailed French text is backed up by 150 b w photos and 250 color illustrations providing extremely detailed coverage of the flags, equipment and all orders of dress of these troops, from the full fress of the 19th century through the combat uniforms of World War I In addition to numerous campaigns in North Africa, this colorful regiment also served in the Franco Prussian War and both World Wars Algerian independence brought an end to the corps in 1962, and after over a century of service Jacques Sicard s French text is supplemented by numerous breathtaking color illustrations of the regiment s many exotic uniforms, and ard vehicle markings and color schemes ofmodern times full c By Sicard Trailer å Les chasseurs d'Afrique PDF by å Jacques Sicard Jacques L histoire de ces quelques r giments de notre arm e qui, de 1830 1960, de Bazeille Berlin ont offert notre arm e une des plus belle page de son histoire.
Un tr s beau livre pr fac par un ancien chasseur Le pr sident Jacques Chirac French illustration in books is just better than what other folks can produce If you have any interest in the French desert cavalry, this is the book for you It is comprehensive in layout and covers virtually every aspect of the uniforms worn by the chasseurs in their century plus existence including the types of ard cars they used Highly recommended The text is in French, so don t whine.
Î Les chasseurs d'Afrique ↠´ Although the book is in French, the historical aspects shed light to those intersted in and wondering if and what type of vehicles were usded by the French in North Africa during World War I and Wold War II Also, excellent color portrayal of the French Uniforms used by the French Army and French Foreign Legion including alot of data pertaining to the former cavalry formations involved in North Africa prior to World War I.

Livre achete pour retrouver le regiment de mon Grand Pere.
Livre de qualitee Ce magnifique livre m a permis de dbuter ma recherche sur le parcours de mon propre pre qui s est battu dans les 4me puis 3me rgiments de schasseurs d Afrique durant toute la Premire Guerre Mondiale.
Il m a permis en particulier d ele localiser sur le front d Artois en 1915 L hommage de l ancien prsident de la Rpublique est une mouvante surprise.
Il voque le panache, le courage et l abngation qui ont toujours anim cette subdivision d arme

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