This book is so damn depressing, I m 38 and she keep on mentioning her age, and also saying that detective Dee look older than her which to me isnt a complement but saying the lady who comes in for a job looks 25 but actually is 29 describing how Ryle is so attractive.
I know she had a fling 6 months ago with her but damn.
this book makes me want my money back ASAP.
I m regret buying it.
I usually like Gerri Hill books but not this one.
maybe she had a ghost writer.
idk Knight, Ex Cop Turned Private Investigator, Lives A Lonely, Solitary Life She Uses Her Downtime To Reflect On The Past And Wonders What Could Have BeenDetective Dee Woodard Transferred To Corpus Christi Nine Years Ago To Put Distance Between Herself And Her Ex An Ex She Was Still In Love With A Murder Investigation Leads Her To Moonlight Avenue And Finley KnightRylee Moore Left The Windy Plains Of Amarillo In Her Rearview Mirror, Hoping To Start Over In This City By The Bay, Only To Find ☆ read á Moonlight Avenue by Gerri Hill ↠´ Employment Hard To Come By Finley Knight Wasn T Hiring Either, But Rylee S Begging And Pleading And Not Taking No For An Answer Finally Lands Her A Job Not As An Apprentice, As She Wanted, But As The Lone Employee At Moonlight Avenue Investigations ReceptionistAfter A Gruesome Third Murder, Dee Is Booted From The Case She Joins Finn S Team The Chase Bringing Them Closer And Closer To A Vicious Drug DealerAmongst The Chaos, Crime, And Cover Up Love Pokes Its Head Above The Water But Can They Stay Alive Long Enough To Explore It One of my favorite authors this story was just ok I love the fact that they mention a character from another book but nothing ever came of it her friend never got her happy ending the key the father left she never found out what it went to sorry to spoil that part just didn t feel complete Excellent mystery, great characters, wonderfully written Finn, a salty ex cop, now private investigator, meets a women in a bar and has a wonderful night Months later fate takes a hand and in walks a client who wants Finn to see if his wife is cheating Also, in walks a beautiful women looking for a job, guess who the women is I hope it s a series.
Moonlight Avenue Ä Wow I read through many of the reviews on Moonlight Avenue before purchasing it and now I know what all of the fuss was about Hill did an excellent job intertwining the murder mystery and romance genres The blend of the two was simply perfect The romantic moments flowed beautifully back into the investigation, and vice versa I don t recall having any moments of boredom where I plainly skimmed through to theexciting materialI was 100% captured by this story from start to finish.
Overall, the story was beautiful exciting, the character development was well constructed, and all loose ends were tied up nicely in the conclusion one of my pet peeves when ignored or rushed If you re looking for an enticing, lesfic read, I recommend giving this one a shot

Die Story ist ein interessanter Krimi und ich mag die Krimis von Gerri Hill sonst nicht Die Idee fand ich spannend und gut umgesetzt.
Allerdings empfand ich die Liebesgeschichte wenig fesselnd Ich hatte das Gef hl, sie ging in der Story irgendwie unter.
I ve never read any of Ms Hill s books before and am happy to say I found this novel interesting and kept me engaged in the story and characters What I did have a problem with is ID ing who was speaking sometimes i d need to re read a paragraph Also ID ing what person she was eluding to Other than that it was a fast paced story, the character development was good but I was disappointed with the element of the key Left me wanting but not disappointed enough in the ending that i d lower the rating.

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