I study with bruce and have for well over a decade.
the guy really knows what he s talking about, and his lineage is exceptional.
ive learned a ton about sexuality from him just making a comment about this and that in a class, so I was very glad he has written an entire book on this topic.
for those who are into sex, there s a lot of information in here that is simply not available elsewhere this is not a book on yogic tantra, its taoist, and there are big differences.
for those who are into meditation, this book has a ton of information and practices, whether you apply them in the bedroom or on the zafu.
for those who are into energy development, again, lots of great stuff here.
this book is for open minded people, some folks might get put off by some of the information.
The First Waves Of Eastern Philosophy Traveled Across The Sea, Westerners Have Been Intrigued By Ancient Traditions Such As Tantra, Yoga, Tai Chi, And Martial Arts Yet Although Some Aspects Of Taoist Sexual Practices Have Appeared In Print, Until Now There Has Been No Comprehensive Book On Taoist Sexual Meditation The Water Method Of Taoist Sexual Meditation, As Was Taught By Lao Tse, Author Of The Tao De Ching, Shows Us How To Use Dissolving Meditation To Relax And Let Go This Foundation Practice ä read Õ Taoist Sexual Meditation: Connecting Love, Energy and Spirit by Bruce Frantzis Î Ultimately Gets Us Out Of Our Head And Into Our Body And The Universe Sex Expands Into The World Of Spirit, Enabling Us To Resolve And Clear Energetic, Emotional, And Karmic Blockages With Sexual Meditation It Is Possible To Access Than Four Times The Energy Of Solo Meditative Practices This Abundance Of Energy Can Then Be Directed To Healing And To Conscious EvolutionYou Will Learn How To Work With Chi Energy During Sex, Gain An Understanding Of Taoist Ethics And Morality, And Realize The Highest Spiritual Potential Of Sex As Meditation Find Out How To Increase Sensitivity, Activate Your Yin And Yang Meridians, And Overcome Cultural Conditioning Understand How The Chinese Theory Of The Five Elements Can Give Insight Into Your Own Sexual Nature And Determine Sexual Compatibility With Potential PartnersAn Accelerated Path For Internal Development, Sexual Meditation Has Rarely Been Shared Outside Eastern Monasteries Encouraged By His Teachers To Bring These Authentic Practices To The West, Frantzis Presents Taoist Sexual Meditation As A Profound Spiritual Path That Can Heal And Calm The Turbulence Of Mind, Allowing It To Open To The Infinite Potential Of The Tao For those who know Bruce Frantzis work, this is another in a long series of books to extend our awareness for health and fulfillment for living on the big rock This is not woo woo, ephemeral, hazy, short term fake inspirational stuff Frantzis comes from the older Daoist tradition that stays firmly grounded and realistic The work you put in is the result you get out of it There is no magic involved If you are new to Frantzis, or to Daoism, I would recommend starting with his earlier books, like The Great Stillness, and The Dao of Letting Go If you are interested in doing something to reduce the craziness in your life, Do Something Try one of his books This one is a bit advanced but can always bear reading, as there is always something to learn.
So far I have only gone through the first 3 chapters Up until this point I really enjoyed it Well written, good balance between physical mental spiritual content It is called sexual , but it really is Taoist first If u r into spirituality of Tao, this book is for u.
Taoist Sexual Meditation: Connecting Love, Energy and Spirit ✓ This book is a joy to read and is also packed with in depth content at over 400 pages The amount of information that the author includes is outstanding Having himself studied real taoism for decades, the act of bringing this knowledge to the West is a real treasure.
The information in the book is very organised and contains a lot of information that is universally useful to all kinds of practice and taoism as whole The sex aspect of taoism is not just some thing that is completely separate from everything else but rather because the practices are based on taoism itself just learning about the sex aspect can enhance your overall understanding of taoist practices and theory, which the author goes into in depth.
The book s practices and the overall co

Das Buch f hrt in die interessante Welt der Taoistischen Sexualkunde ein, auf eine Art und Weise wie ich sie bisher noch nicht gelesen habe F r meinen Geschmack wird das ganze aber stellenweise auch etwas zu esoterisch Wer aber nicht zum Ziel hat die Erleuchtung zu erreichen, sondern nur sein Sexualleben bereichern will wird hier auch f ndig, auch wenn die Anleitungen zu den bungen teilweise etwas wage sind Besser als f r Sexualtechniken eignet sich das Buch aber um richtig meditieren zu lernen Ich habe bisher noch keine Quelle gefunden, die so gute Meditationsmethoden vorstellt.
My teacher told me Bruce wasn t a very good teacher Even so I thought I would give him a chance.
I spent some time on his forum to ask some questions about his concepts and found his senior students to be unhelpful at best and antagonistic at worst That reflects very poorly on him and his company And his moderators always take the side of the extremely rigid and toxic approaches of these senior students.
He might have real skill But his marketing is hyped His personal history is told in a misleading way He is certainly someone with questionable methods.
This book like his others are about 90% filler and 10% useful information.
I ve since done some looking and found out that Bruce has a very questionable record in Internal Martial Arts and Taoism.

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