The Most Popular Italian Sportsman Of The Twentieth Century, Fausto Angelo Coppi Was The Campionissimo Champion Of Champions The Greatest Cyclist Of The Immediate Post War Years, He Was The First Man To Win Cycling S Great Double, The Tour De France And Tour Of Italy In The Same Year And He Did It Twice He Achieved Mythical Status For His Crushing Solo Victories, World Titles And World Records But His Significance Extends Far É Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi (Yellow Jersey Cycling Classics) ☆ Download by ¸ William Fotheringham Beyond His Sport Coppi S Scandalous Divorce And Controversial Early Death Convulsed A Conservative, Staunchly Roman Catholic Italy In The S At A Time When Adultery Was Still Illegal, Coppi And His Lover Were Dragged From Their Bed In The Middle Of The Night, Excommunicated And Forced To Face A Clamorous Legal Battle The Ramifications Of This Case Are Still Being Felt TodayIn Fallen Angel, Acclaimed Cycling Biographer, William Fotheringham, Tells The Tragic Story Of Coppi S Life And Death Of How A Man Who Became The Symbol Of A Nation S Rebirth After The Disasters Of War Died Reviled And Heartbroken Told With Insight And Intelligence, This Is A Unique Portrait Of Italy And Italian Sport At A Time Of Tumultuous Change Fotheringham hat sich nach seiner Biographie von Tom Simpson nun auf den n chsten gro en tragischen Fall des internationalen Radsports gest rzt, Fausto Coppi.
Wie kein anderer vor oder nach ihm hat Coppi eine Nation bewegt mit seinen Leistungen hat er unter anderem dazu beigetragen, den Radsport in Italien nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg wiederzubeleben Zusammen mit seinem Freund und gro en Widersacher Gino Bartali symbolisierte Coppi das politisch entzweite Land der ffentlich gl ubige Bartali als stilisierter Anh nger der Christdemokraten, Coppi wiewohl apolitisch f r die Arbeiterklasse, die Sozialisten.
Die Coppi Biographie ist somit ein bemerkenswerter Ausflug in die Geschichte Italiens in der Zeit vor, w hrend und nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg, in dem der Krieg nur eine Nebenrolle spielt.
Weil aber f r die ffentliche Wahrnehmung Coppis Leben dessen Privatleben eine viel gr erer und ungl ckli

If you don t read Italian your sources of a general history of Coppi are limited If you would like a pretty good cyclist s perspective on Coppi I think thisthan does the trick It has a lot of historical information as well as the commentary of contemporaries On the other hand, and this may simply be my issue with Fotheringham s writing style as I have seen it in other writings by Fotheringham, it can, in sections, be lacking in detail, disjointed and repetitive Is it encyclopedic and footnoted to the nth degree No But I didn t want an encyclopedia I wanted the story of Fausto To a certain extent reading this was comfortable, like being back in my early days at the bike shop listening to the old guys talk about the past stars of cycling It is well worth reading and as a side note, this and Fotheringham s book on Merckx both provide some interesti As an avid cyclist, I was expecting to devour this book I mean come on how can a story about the most storied cyclist in history not be a page turner But as the chapters progressed, I found it harder and harder to read I m not sure if it was the overall lack of flow, or perhaps the emphasis on Coppi s personal life outside of cycling It also became morbidly depressing in the end, but I can not fault the author on this Coppi s personal life, after all, was painful in many ways.
In any event, I thought it was okay but certainly not as fascinating as that of McConnon s Road To Valor , the story of Italian cyclist Gino Bartali.

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