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i need MOREhahahaha To sum my feelings up My 20 year old self enjoyed this on behalf of my 14 year old self I first read the first two novels in this bindup when they were originally released as solo novels around the time I was 14 I enjoyed them a whole lot They were beachy and fluffy and cute and all about falling in love for the first time Now that i m 20 and have been in love, with someone who is NOT a prince c mon like that s ever really going to happen, apart from Will and Kate I know first love is all encompassing and you feel the need to be together all the time Now that i m 20 I know better And I find all the gushy ness irritating That doesn t mean I didn t enjoy all 3 novels, they were just written for a younger audience and I knew that going into it I very much enjoyed the premise and majority of the delivery, but the everpresent moanin Sweet And Sparkly Romantic Comedy About Finding Your Prince True Love Isn T Only In Fairy TalesWhen Valerie S Parents Split Up And She Has To Move To A Tiny European Country Called Schwerinborg, She S Pretty Sure Her Life Is Over That Is, Until She Meets Georg He S Smart, Sweet, And Unbelievably Cute And Even Better, He S A Prince But With Georg Under So Much Pressure, And The Press Watching Their Every Move, Valerie Soon Discovers Dating A Prince [Niki Burnham] Ç Royally Crushed (Royally Jacked, #1-3) [victorian PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ç Is Not Exactly The Happily Ever After She D Been Hoping For But Georg Has Swept Her Off Her Feet And Valerie S Not Ready To Give Up Her Prince Just Yet I loved this book because it was one of those quick reads that was cute and entertaining The book was written as three Royally Jacked, Spin Control, and Do Over , but ended up being combined into Royally Crushed I would deffinetly suggest this to a girl who is into light hearted and somewhat comical books I loved how the book was written like Valerie was speaking to me and recounting what happened because, while I didn t always know the whole story because I could only see into Val s mind, it sometimes felt like I was actually part of the book I also liked Valerie s sense of humor and the fact that I could relate to her sarcasim because I myself am a generally sarcastic person Even when a situation should be serious Valerie just can t help but lighten the mood with a witty remark like when Georg Gay org was telling This was cute Some language, but pretty clean There was a whole political element in it that sort of bothered me, but she never took a super strong stand, mostly just tried to explore how a teenager might be viewing it She did send the message that people with conservative beliefs are a bit brainwashed instead of open minded But the romance and character and plot were cute This book is actually all 3 of the books in the series all combined, which was good because of my main complaint about her books They don t really END They just stop So, after getting to the end of the 1st book, I was glad that I had the 2nd one to continue right on except the story recaps were super annoying The 2nd one just ENDED, so I was g This is one of those books I wish I had looked a littleinto before buying but at least I got it cheap at a thrift store It s been sitting on my to read shelf forever, and I was in the mood for some romance and my roommate was hogging the TV , so I started this.
I didn t finish, and debated leaving a review, but I review thingsfor myself than anyone else as I have a terrible memory , so I stopped right after starting the second book.
First off, this trilogy contains language and is very physical in terms of talking about how hot guys are, how pants look on the MC s butt, and so on Not things I want to be reading about, and I almost put the book down sooner for it Also, the MC s mother comes out as gay, and has a gir ☆ Royally Crushed (Royally Jacked, #1-3) ä Eh, this book is like WAY TOO LONG So if you are like me, and are bored out of your mind on one of those hot, seemingly endless summer days, go ahead and read it It made me laugh a few times, but the romance is like way not there, and the main girl bugs annoys me Also, something else that totally ticked me off was the fact that on the cover, the girl is like some totally hott like Hawiian chick, and in the book she is a pasty, pale, chubby redhead who stuffs her face with McDonald s all the time So, basically, only read this if you have nothing better to do.
I definately give this book five stars I was bored with Karen Kingsburys book ever after.
so whike I was at my friends house whom I swap books with at least once a week I decided to pick it up it looked like a book that would last me a whileturns out I read it in one day It was so sweet so cute yet frustrating at times I really would encourage anyone to read this book who is just in the mood for a good love story that is simple and cutez

When I first saw the book title, I totally thought it was going to hurt my heart Once I started reading it, I realized that I was soo wrong and completely enjoyed the story.
It starts off with Valerie getting her life turned upside down when her perfectly matched parents tell her that they are getting divorced I won t say why, as you ll find out in the first chapter It deals with a controversial subject, but the way it s introduced makes you laugh and feel what Valerie is feeling.
Since her father has a pretty cool job working in the White House with the president, the situation with the divorce garners a transfer to a tiny unknown town in Germany where you ll finally see where Royally comes from I have never read ahandsome P Other than a few funny comments here and there, this did nothing for me at all For one, I didn t like Valerie that much at all She s rude to pretty much everyone around her She moves to a fictional European country and gets to live in a palace, but to her, that s the worst kind of punishment and she s constantly miserable and complaining about it I m fine with a bit of snark, but she had so much attitude that I grew annoyed with her Her character arc was nonexistent She never really grew or changed I also didn t like that it took her forever to tell Georg she went on a date with David She should have been upfront and honest with him and she didn t tell him the truth until literally 10 pages from the end of the book Her friends were constantly telling her to tell the truth and it annoyed me that she didn t heed their advic

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