Stuart Monster Will Never Be My King Constance Aiken Was No Royalist When Cromwell Fell She Lost Her Ancestral Estate Then The Earl Of Brede Arrived In All His Royalist Splendor To Take Possession Of Her Beloved Home Where Was She To Go To Her Amazement The Impetuous Earl Swept ð read Ï Puritan Wife by Elizabeth De Guise Ô Her Ú Puritan Wife Þ I appreciated the amount of historical detail in the book, and the picture it gave of domestic life during the Restoration period in England However, I found the characterizations murky and the love story uncompelling The heroine was an odd mixture of simpering, girlish enthusiasm and Puritanical ire, and the hero was a wooden and paternal Royalist, a distant figure throughout the work The secondary characters were interesting and enjoyable, but I couldn t get past the heroine s weird attitude about the hero s former mistress, wanting to like her and be friends, etc I also felt the conclusion too simplistic the heroine was willing to throw out her own background and become a Royalist, after a bad experience with an abusive Puritan man Ultimately she lived to please her husband, and he was just always right about everything.

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