Really good at the beginning , packed full of mystery Also an interesting take on the vampire mythos but it mellowed out towards the end with a predictable ending Good read but probably won t read again.
Experimental animal feed mutates animals in a small English town, turning them into killers Likewise to the townspeople that eat the meat A farmer and American reporter try to dig up the truth, while the evil chemical plant owner, who for some reason commands the British military, try to contain and cover up the incident.
The book is strongest at the beginning, with regular animal attacks leading up to human atrocities It suffers when it tries to have a plot, provide scientific explanations, and draws way too much from I Am Legend and its derivatives.
It s Shaun Hutson A quick, fun gorefest.
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Is Terribly Wrong In Wakely The Townspeople S Fingernails Are Abnormally Long, And Their Faces Are Pale And Gaunt Some Have Noticed The Growth Of Their Canine Teeth At First They Were Terrified, But Their Terror Turns To Glee As They Transform Into Beasts With A Craving For Human ↠´ Erebus ☆ Download by ↠´ Shaun Hutson Flesh A good, not great little horror novel This was my first experience with Shaun Hutson, and I must say, I like his style He writes in a very simple style and focuses mainly on action and gore This is strictly pulp horror, with no literary aspirations On that level, it was good He doesn t have the insane plotting or deeply disturbing aspects that a Richard Laymon has He doesn t have the crazy inventiveness of an Edward Lee, but still, he writes fun, easy to read gory horror This book would make a cool film in the right hands That s basically what reading this novel was like It was just like watching a Grade B 1980s horror film And that s a okay with me Believable characters and motivations are waylaid in favor of fast moving action ☆ Erebus ☆ In the small English village of Wakely, something terrible is happening to the livestock they are growing disproportionaly large and attacking every creature in sight Could it have something to do with the new feed provided by local creepy multinational Venderburg Chemicals And shouldn t people stop eating meat since bizarre things are happening to the animals Since this is a horror novel, you can guess the answer to those questions Before you ve reached page 10, you know all the vegetarians in town will be fighting for their lives in a matter of days.
What starts out as a great book to read if you wish to give up meat in the tradition of Fast Food Nation and Upton Sinclair s The Jungle soon turns into a bi Great book One of my favourite Shaun Hutson s I really liked his early stuff and I wish he would revisit some of his earlier work with sequels.
so so horror thriller by hutson Oh wow, this one s going back a while Erebus was the first horror novel I ever read I loved it for its British setting and how it introduced the whole horror genre itself.
Erebus itself comes in before Mad Cow Disease was known, and yep, nowadays it would be considered a trope contaminated food being eaten people going psychotic , but back when I picked it up, it was just such a spine tingling read I never really lost that feeling over the years.
Shaun Hutson s writing has just grown so beautifully There s few authors who can cross genres and have readers follow them as they move away from horror But when I had my nose stuck in every horror novel going from Herbert to Barker, Hutson pulled away me away from horror into the likes of the urban thriller.

I notice a few readers find this author a bit hit and miss which is a shame because this guy tells a great story Yes it may not be as in depth as other books are but so what You get a quick, balls to the wall book, this guy is not afraid to spill the gore and violence Like I said in a status update, it s like reading your own horror movie NOTE there are scenes of gore and violence involving animals and even a baby so if easily offended don t read.
I actually thought that this book was a very good novel Obviously we re still talking about a Hutson novel here, so don t expect an outstanding stardard of writing or an incredibly complex and intelligent plot, but do expect the usual blood, gore and horror along with the hot firery liquid burning down his throat and knots of muscles tighting in characters jawsas you would expect from evey Hutson novel I think the reason I particularly like this one is because you can tell that he really enjoyed writing it You know when you re a kid and you first watch Night of the Living Dead and afterwards, you imagine that you re stuck in the house with Ben and the rest of them You make up this whole story in your head, based around the film, as

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