After reading this book, all I wanted to do was to plan a trip to this little town of Mahe I hadn t known anything about life in this little once colony of France And I am glad I know This is what I love about reading Indian literature you don t have to wonder what a daffodil is You know what a dragonfly is Set in the 1940s, Mukundan draws a haunting portrait of a town with a bunch of esoteric characters Kurambi Amma was my favorite probably, with her addiction to snuff, and a passion for telling stories Dasan is the young hero, portrayed alternately as the angry young man and the studious Indian who has to fulfil his family s dreams In between are a whole host of characters that Mukundan uses with great skill to portray the times of that era so beautifully Thi M.
Mukundan was a name I heard over and over again when I started off reading Malayalam Anyone worth their salt in reading malayalam would tell me to read this work The title translates toOn the banks of the river MayyazhiIt s the story of a landscape called Mahe which was one of the few French colonized locales in India grew up to be on its own only by 1954 Mahe still remains a Union Territory within India, which in simple terms means it is directly under the jurisdiction of the central government of India That s the history part of it Mahe is called by a seductive name in MalayalamMayyazhiI call this word beautifl because it meansThe eye of the seaMukundan calls you to walk the streets of this place as the last French citizen seems to be withdrawing The people here are not quite sure whether to rejoice their new found freedom or to la Theerangalil On The Banks Of The River Mayyazhi Is A Malayalam Language Novel By M Mukundan Widely Regarded As The Author S Magnum Opus, The Novel Vividly Describes The Political And Social Background Of Mahe Mayyazhi , The Former French Colony, In The Past, In A Mystical Way The Novel Was Translated Into English And French, Both The Versions Winning Trailer Û മയ്യഴിപ്പുഴയുടെ തീരങ്ങളിൽ [Mayyazhippuzhayude Theerangalil] PDF by × M.
Mukundan Accolades This book or less defined a phase of my reading life I used to walk to my school reading this book, and naturally,would hit a stone on the road or a tree and hurt myself.
I read this when I was in eighth standard and used to have such fond memories of Dasan as if I had grown up with him I am reminded of him even now, when I see on someone, that curly hair, falling onto the right eye,those small eyes which hide a naughty smile.
That is how I think of dasan Now when I look back, I don t really see why I adored M Mukundan those days, if it was not for creating Dasan.
ð മയ്യഴിപ്പുഴയുടെ തീരങ്ങളിൽ [Mayyazhippuzhayude Theerangalil] ↠´ Mayyazhi Mah in French was a tiny French governed enclave on the coast of Kerala Even today it retains separateness of status from Kerala it is a Union Territory like Pondicherry, Daman,and Diu Nowadays the tiny town is little than a long line of booze selling stores and a church.
This novel begins when Mah was a French colony and ends after it became part of India in the 1950s The slow beginning describes life in the enclave and introduces a wide range of characters Some of these work for the French and others join the illegal movement to liberate Mah from the French.
I enjoyed the book but felt that the narration was over lean It needed to be less concise and meaty At first it was a little lacking in direction, but it picked up greatly and became quite exciting in its last quarter.
I read the book because I have visited Mah , and w ,.
It is one of the early books which took me into the world of phantasies and daydreams I used to sleep with a book in hand The book gave me an insight into the divergent culture of India as it focuses on the French speaking people in Mahe A must read for those who take Malayalam literature seriously.
I chanced upon M Mukundan sOn the Banks of the Mayyazhiin a second hand bookshop When I read the summary on the book jacket I was sceptical if I would like it because it had two themes that I haven t been able to take to very much in the past politics and magical realism Boy was I wrong I finished reading it yesterday, and this captivating novel still has me in its hold Here is the book jacket summary before I get into the review Mayyazhi Mahe in the forties a melange of native myth and legend and shimmering French elegance Wine flows through the streets where horse drawn carriages speed by day and night A folklore has it that souls hover as dragonflies over the Velliyan Rock in the sea A wave of nationalism sweeps over the town and a group of dedicated young men d

Mahe is a small town on the banks of the Mayyazhi river in northern Kerala What makes this place rather unique is that like Pondicherry, it was a former French colony Till recently, they did not need a passport to travel to France even now, there are a few people who have opted for French citizenship French is an official language.
Mahe is known to the majority of Keralites as the place to get good liquor dirt cheap there are no taxes for the booklover, it is the birthplace of M Mukundan, the chronicler of Mayyazhi as this place is known locally In this novel the name of which translates as On the Banks of the Mayyazhi River , and its sequel Daivathinte Vikruthikal , Mukundan charts the mythology and legends of this magical region, existing in the twilight zone between colonialism and democracy.
An indispensable part of the landscape .

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