recently re read this series for the hundredth or so time, and once again the story did not fail to draw me in original, fascinating, exciting love it.
This is a book from my childhood circa age 11 that I am so happy to have picked up again now I m not even really that interested in Italy, but I certainly dig the idea of inter dimensional space and time travel I m re reading all of the books in the Stravaganza series by Mary Hoffman in accordance to the release of the newest sequel, City of Sercrets So far, I ve read City of Masks and I started City of Stars last night This is, as I recall, the best book in the series as of yet Lucien Luciano is an extremely likable character, and the ending, I think, was perfect I cry every time I read this, which is pitiful because it is written for 12 year olds, but also not pitiful because you love the characters so Is Seriously Ill But His Life Is Transformed When An Old Italian Notebook Gives Him The Power To Become A Stravagante, A Time Traveller With Access To Th Century Italy He Wakes Up In Bellezza Venice During Carnival Time And Meets Arianna, A Girl His Own Age Who Is Disguised As A Boy In The Hope Of Being Selected As One Of The Duchessa S Mandoliers Arianna Gives Lucien Her Boy S Clothing And He Is Selected As A Mandolier Himself, Becoming A Friend Of Fellow Stravagante [ Pdf City of Masks Ç soviet-history PDF ] by Mary Hoffman Í Rodolfo, The Duchessa S Lover, And Saving The Duchessa S Life When She Is Threatened By An Assassin Hired By The Powerful Di Chimici Family For State Occasions The Duchessa Uses Her Maid Giuliana As A Body Double But Guiliana Commits The Fatal Mistake Of Revealing The Secret To Her Fiance Enrico And A Sequence Of Devastating Consequences Unravels Meanwhile Lucien Has Met The original Stravagante, The Elizabethan Alchemist William Dethridge, And He Begins To Understand That He May Be Called To Follow In His Footsteps This year I m doing a Reading Challenge so I have 26 books with specific subjects that I need to read.
Book 24 A book set somewhere you really want to visitIt s been long since a dream for me to visit Venice As a little girl I was always mesmerized by the beauty of its watery streets, colorful city scape and mosaics This wanderlust have not since diminish.
City of Masks gave me an opportunity to visit not only Venice Italy but also its counter part Bellezza Talia The country of Talia is both like and unlike theItaly of this world It exists in a parallel dimensionand diverged hundreds of years ago from the Italywe know.
Hoffman paints a beautiful world full of realistic relics with just the slightest variation form our own world This makes the setting extremely believable I especially appreciated the part wh Rating 4 out of 5 stars maybe even 3.
5 Wait, what Quite a low rating to be on an all time favourites list, I know I won t lie objectively this series may not be the best ever written Frankly, I am not even sure I am capable of judging them in that aspect I read these books together with my mother when I was probably 11 My mother was already very sick and the memories we spent taking turns reading pages to eachother are ones that I will treasure for life now that she is no longer with me The Stravaganza series is displayed on my shelvesas a reminder of this memories than a testimony to the content of the books At the moment I don t plan on ever rereading them, neither do I go too far out of my way to recommend them to others They are very enjoyable, early 2000 YA fant DNF at 22%I was very excited to start this one because one of my all time favorite concepts is TIME TRAVEL There s nothing better than the fascination one gets when they find themselves in another place, in another time, be it in the future or in the past I love that sense of awe and wonder characters get in such books I think it s related to my love for both history and traveling, so you really can t blame me for the major excitement I had prior to reading this book And I guess that s why my disappointment was huge as well I couldn t even get past 25% of this novel.
There s nothing wrong with the plot per se Lucien is a teenager stricken with cancer He can barely move and eat, and he has to have his dad read to him One day, his father gave him a rather peculiar book, with the instructions to write anything on it Then when he goes to sleep, he wakes up and ↠´ City of Masks Ò Summary view spoiler Lucien Mulholland isn t what you d call a normal boy Despite becoming ill from a tumor and recovering from chemotherapy, Lucien s life was somewhat normal compared to the situation he finds himself in now For after being given a red and purple marbled notebook by his father as a gift, Lucien falls asleep only to dream of the floating city of Bellezza, where his adventures begin.
Arianna may be the daughter of all Torrone, but her dreams lie in the beautiful city of Belleza All the lagooners have gathered for the Duchessa s Marriage with the Sea, but in a world where ancient laws and rituals forbid foreigners to stay within the city after midnight, Arianna knows that what she plans is certai In modern day London, Lucien Mulholland undergoes chemotherapy treatments due to the cancer plaguing his body, but when he falls asleep clutching a mysterious book his father has given him, he is transported, or stravagated, to an enchanting 16th century Venice like city called Bellezza, in the country Talia.
Lucien can return only if he can get hold of the book again while thinking of Belleza In this colorful other world, rich with court intrigues and magic, he feels vibrantly alive, as opposed to his pain ridden days back in England his hair has grown back and he eats with relish Bellezza is also where he, renamed as Luciano, meets lovely 15 year old Arianna and Rodolfo, who created the book that acts as Lucien s stravagation talisman Rodolfo explains that a stravagante is a wanderer between worlds, and also the history of this magical tr

5 out of 10 This review on my blogLiving A Thousand Livesplease use Chrome Yandex browser or Android IOS to see the page otherwise, spoiler tags I use to make my post compact may not work Short Soundtrack Nilda Fernandez L invitation VenisePaul Cardall The TravelerLucas Vidal New Found LifeGenre AU, historical fantasy, teen ish YAStuff time travels, AU Italy, 16th century, cancerWOW world buildingPOV 3rd person, multiLove Geometry none and romance is quite non existentQuote CoreHow on earth was he going to fill the time in his world before nightfallIt s hard to write a review for this book now I remember why I didn t do it after the first read of City of Masks , the world created by Mary Hoffman is too Unfortunately, this is another example of a great concept ruined by bad storytelling Our protagonist and I use that lightly is Lucian, a boy with cancer who discovers he can travel to a different world a pseudo Venice as it were through the acquisition of a magical notebook However, this ability is never really the foundation of the plot instead, Miss Hoffman tends to write where the wind takes her, forming a mix match of elements that are never deeply explored, into a plot sequence which never links together The idea of Stravagation is lost two or three chapters in, and it takes any intrigue with it.
The plot isn t terrible, just unrefined and unfocused The main problem that had me struggling to continue, was the lack of good pacing and tension Nothing binds this novel to a climax, the story just flits from mom

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