Diehl Stunned Readers With Primal Fear And Show Of Evil, The National Bestsellers Featuring Chicago Lawyer Martin Vail Now, In His Gripping New Novel Of Suspense, Diehl Enters Uncharted Territory, Pushing Vail And The Legal System He Represents To The Brink Of DestructionAfter An Ultra Right Wing Militia Seizes Truckloads Of Highly Volatile Weapons, The President Turns To Illinois Attorney General Martin Vail His Job Nail The Terrorists In Their Tracks Vail Plunges Into His New, Near Impossible Mission, One That [William Diehl] È Reign in Hell [southern PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ü Soon Explodes Into A Personal Nightmare As His Most Chilling Adversary, Aaron Stampler, Returns Seemingly From The Dead To Exact A Vengeance That Could Bring Vail To His Knees I read some the reviews on goodreads before embarking on Reign in Hell I actually read quite a few of them, at least in my standards, because I tend not to read too many reviews before reading the book so as not to spoil it.
So, I knew pretty much the idea in the story and that there would be a lot of stuff Diehl wanted to really write about like war, different equipment used in war and tactics and such so it really wasn t the Stampler vs Vail experience I ve grown to love.
But most importantly, I just didn t seem to get a grip on the story or the story just didn t hold my attention enough to really get into it and the whole reading experience really became tedious.
Disappointing after the other 2.
Poor sequel but a solid political thriller No doubt in my mind at all Primal Fear and Show of Evil hold down two places in the pantheon of the finest, most frightening thrillers ever written William Diehl should be proud that, as a starring villain, Aaron Stampler can hold his evil head high in a terrifying literary rogue s gallery that would include the likes of Hannibal Lecter, Voldemort, Lord Sauron, Count Fosco, Bill Sikes and Moriarty But, as a sequel trying to stand up to that kind of advance billing, Reign in Hell falls flat on its face.
Reign in Hell is actually a very competently written political thriller but, for some reason, presumably some added suspense and chills, Diehl felt compelled to shoehorn a resurrected Aaron Stampler into the plot And, sadly, it just doesn t fly Stampler s appearance is artificial, clumsy Not impressed not enough fear, not enough Martin and definitely not enough Aron.
Ordinarily I avoid mainstream novels, I had to add a category for them on my lists, but this ended up in front of me and the premise was current Totally caught me up, and a block buster ending All reviews prefer the previous two books, but straight up murder doesn t interest me The fantasy of a militia taking on the country, when in real life they took a bird sanctuary, forget to bring food, and begged the government to deliver it to them, only to get dildo s So it s fantasy, but without the Elves.
Reign in Hell ð A novel that was memorable and unique enough that I have elected to read it for a second time almost four years later The main reason that I m reading this book over again is because this book is not a stand alone story but rather the conclusion of a trilogy based around the charachters of Martin Vail and Aaron Stampler first introduced in what is usually reguarded as Diehl s best novel Primal Fear This was the first book that I read in that series and it catapulted me to go back and read the first two novels Now I m re reading this book for new perspective You don t need to read the first two books to appreciate the quality of this novel but you probably would do best to read the novels in order particularly because the 1st one is the best in a series where none of the books qualify as being bad This book takes on the issues of domestic ter I actually read this book twice The first time than a decade ago I absolutely enjoyed it the first time The second time I read it, I had only just found out it was part three of the Vail Stampler series After reading it again, I stand by my initial opinion that it was a good book However, many reviews have stated that it felt forced and out of place in the series I agree As a stand alone book it is fantastic As the conclusion of the Vail Stampler series it is disappointing.
Reign in Hell continues the story of Martin Vail and Aaron Stampler Like Primal Fear and Show of Evil, you will be dressed in goosebumps as you read and cringe Diehl weaves together multiple plots and despicable characters that will make you happy this is in a novel and not reality Well, maybe I can t make that reality statementRead these novels in order Primal Fear, Show of Evil and Reign in Hell Brush up on John Milton.
Reign in Hell Susp Martin Vail Cont ExDiehl, William 3rd in seriesFrom Fantastic Fiction A top secret military convoy is hijacked in the Rocky Mountains Thousands of innocent lives are threatened and the President of the USA must act So he calls on the one man who has the bravado to stop the terrorists, Attorney General Martin Vail John Grisham meets Alister Maclaine Excellent after Chapter 1.

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