» Seniors Ball ✓ um Kaimportante Sa Isang High School Student Ng Kanyang Barkada At Mga Kaibigan Gaano Kahalaga Sa Isang Teenager Ang Magkaroon Ng Sariing Identity Bukod Sa Pagiging Isang Anak O Isang Estudyante May Best Friends Si Thea At Nakapagkasunduan Nilang Hindi Sila Dadalo Sa Seniors Ball Pero Bigla Siyang Nagbago Ng Desisyon Tama Ba Ang Ginawa Niya O Iyon Ay Isang Walang Kapatawarang Pagtataksil Sa Mga Kaibigan At Sa Trailer Ô Seniors Ball PDF by Ä Rene O.
Villanueva Sarili Good plot and characters pero parang uneven yung language Minsan malalim na Filipino, minsan naman too much English Parang hindi teenager ang nagsasalita Feeling ko rin mas ok to kung gagawing mga bading yung bida instead of girls.

Four stars, because Thea s narration is so raw and honest, just like how a sixteen year old girl s should be Can t say I like her character though, as I find her annoyingthan half of the time But I think that s what makes this novel work I m torn between hating her and her little group, and their desperate attempt to be different from everyone else and liking her for being true to herself, no matter how annoying it could be at times.
I think a lot of teenage girls will be able to relate to Thea as a person A lot of adult readers will be irritated at her shallowness, until they remember that they ve gone through adolescence once upon a time, and chances are, they ve been annoying to older people too Isn t it annoying how much I used the word annoying in this review Ah, see I did it again.
It is an okay attempt to capture the common problems of Filipino high school students in a novella Sadly, I found it quite shallow Thea and her group made a big deal out small things and for me and their We re a lot better than all you people here attitude is very, very annoying.

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