All the world s a stage,And all the men and women merely playersWilliam Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7 As You Like It has many things to commend it as a play It is entertaining and filled with fantastic lines It contains many of Shakespeare s favorite tropes gender bending, mistaken hidden identities, family squabbles usurpation, love lust, revenge, etc It starts off well too but in the end, for me, it just sort of fizzles and farts out a bit Limps out, perhaps, is a better way of stating it Surrenders to an almost contrived and overly neat happy Hymen ending THIS is Shakespeare at his most fit He is at the top of his game This play, however, seems to be a bit phoned in at the end Perhaps, Shakespeare k I was at Shakespeare s Globe in London yesterday watching this play and it was fab I then came home and read it got to love the literary life The best thing about the performance was the fact that Orlando was played by a woman who was less that five feet tall and Rosalind was played by a man was way over six feet tall Needless to say, this lead to many comic moments Here s some shots of the performance Orlando RosalindThey only had to stand next to each other on the stage for the audience to burst out laughing The play displays much of what Shakespeare does best There are explorations into gender politics and sexuality because of the layers added into the play there are men playing female characters who then in turn pretend to be men, which makes it evencomplex As with most of his An Overview Of Shakespeare S Life Commentary By Arthur Colby Sprague, Helen Gardener, And Others A Stage And Screen History, And The Popular Comedy In Which Rosalind Enters The Forest Of Arden Is A Play About Two Enduring Human Illusions The Dream Of The Simple Life, And The Ideal Of Romantic Love This Edition Features Not Only The Text Of The Play But Many Special Features To Help Readers Understand And Enjoy This Classic From [William Shakespeare] ↠´ As You Like It [erotic-paranormal-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ The Bard As You Like It, William Shakespeare 1564 1616 , c 1623Characters Main Characters The Court of Duke Frederick Duke Frederick, Duke Senior s younger brother and his usurper, also Celia s father Rosalind, Duke Senior s daughter Celia, Duke Frederick s daughter and Rosalind s cousin Touchstone, a court fool or jester Le Beau, a courtier Charles, a wrestler Lords and ladies in Duke Frederick s court.
The Household of the deceased Sir Rowland de Boys Oliver de Boys, the eldest son and heir Jacques de Boys, the second son Orlando de Boys, the youngest son Adam, a faithful old servant who follows Orlando into exile Dennis, Oliver s servant who called Charles.
The Exiled Court of Duke Senior in the Forest of Arden Duke Senior, Duke Frederick s older brother and Rosalind s father Jaques, a discontented, melancholic lord Amiens, an attending lo 3 1 2 Hm Tried to resubmit this review earlier and all that happened was that it was posted that I d just finished reading the play Two years ago What gives This is the second review of a Shakespeare play I ve done Happily, that means that I ve read the second of my planned reads of all his plays, over the next ten years So I m on schedule 8 But it s easy to be on schedule when you ve barely started 8 Naturally, this review is structured a bit different from the first one I did in which I posed questions about how I should go about this project, and played around with a sort of outline In this one the outline has changed We ll see if it can becomepermanent as it goes.
The PlayLike the first play I read, this is one of Shakespeare s comedies Evidence suggests that the play was written between June 1599 and August of the next year It Book Review3 of 5 stars to As You Like It, a pastoral comedy and play written by William Shakespeare around 1599.
Rosalind falls for Orlando for many reasons in Shakespeare s play As You Like It Since Orlando is such a small man compared to Charles the wrestler, when Orlando beats Charles, Rosalind thinks that the young man is capable of great strength and survival despite his small frame He has some hidden strength and power that he is able to fight up and beat his large opponent He is such a free spirited man and seems so approachable He is the good guy or the boy next door type He has determination and skill Orlando is powerful in his words too His speech is eloquent and very convincing He just seems like such a perfect man that any woman, particularly Rosalind, cou ☆ As You Like It ↠´ Definitely one of favourites Loved it.
Celebrity Death Match Special As You Like It versus Generic ThrillerAll the world s a thriller,And all the men and women cardboard characters They have their exits and their entrances,And when you think they ve gone, pop up again.
Sometimes they ve got a twin, and sometimes Their death, ofttimes, is faked or not for realTwo different babes may turn out to be oneOr else one babe, mayhap, can yet be twoAnd so the plot creaks on, and stiffs pile upUntil the hero finds the Big Reveal And all is clear until the sequel s startAnd then a second sequel, then a thirdThe author dies, but further sequels comeWritten by some unhappy press ganged hackSans wit, sans taste, sans thought, sans everything.

As in A Midsummer Night s Dream, Hamlet and Antony and Cleopatra, Shakespeare in As You Like It is able to join disparate elements in unusual proportion into a unified whole of tone and mood which may be rationalized but never completely explained What I love about this play is the way in which it develops a conventionally suspenseful plot complete with goodies and baddies, action packed scuffles and wrestling matches, lovers meeting cute, etc at breakneck speed for all of the first act, and then slows to something close to a halt once it reaches the Forest of Arden This is as it should be, since this forest is a place of magical transformation just as certainly as Oberon and Titania s fairie wood, a place where time stops and love grows and b Orlando, the youngest, and most loved son of the late Sir Rowland de Boys, set in France in the 16th Century is being mistreated by his older brother Oliver, the middle son Jaques, is away at school, since Oliver inherited most of the rich estate, and money, he has the power of the purse to do anything He, Oliver is jealous of his sibling s superior attributes, Orlando lacks education, possessions, totally dependent on his brother, but the very simpatico boy s qualities, nevertheless shines brightly through, causing Oliver who hates him, to hate him evenHe arranges a wrestling match between Orlando and the vicious wrestler Charles, who has crippled three previous opponents and gives special orders to kill his brother Things don t go as planned, and Charles is the one carried off unconsciously to the surprise of all, Rosalind witnesses this even

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