Summary The Harp at the Midnight is about a 12 year old named Andy Ferguson moving into an old Manor house in Ireland Andy believes he will have an boring time in the MacMurton house until he realises their is a mystery involved Lady MacMurton who had died over a hundred years ago is said to haunt her old bedroom At first the servants and inhabitants of the manor attempt desperately to hide the truth from Andy Except Andy is determined and will not stop at anything to find out the cold, hard truth Review When I picked up this book I expected the usual This house is haunted, now we need to put this ghost to peace It wasn t this kind of book at all Instead this book housed centuries old legends in which I had never heard of This book started my love for fantasy fiction and I didn t even realise it This book will always have a special place in my heart.
This was an ok read, but probably suited to YA than adult than other YA books I ve read.
The story is set in Ireland towards the end of the nineteenth century and concerns the attempt of a young boy to free a woman from a world between reality and The Other World.

A magical story set in 18th century Ireland Easy and enjoyable read I ve read it but I don t remember it.
ß The harp at midnight Ö I was suckered in by the cover and the story itself sounded interesting This book is certainly for someone in their teens and when I purchased the book I was.
Twelve Year Old Andy Ferguson Arrives At The Irish Manor House That Is To Be His New Home He Sees A Woman Dressed In Black Looming Down From An Upper Story Window On Enquiring Who She Is, He Is Told He S Mistaken She Doesn T Exist So Who Is This Mysterious Creature Is She A Ghost And What About The Eerie Harp Music That Fills The House At The Strike Of Midnight Andy And The Servant [ read Online The harp at midnight ↠´ zen PDF ] by Caiseal Mór º Girl, Catie, Go On A Quest To Find The Answers To These And Other Questions And Andy Finds He Has The Power To Free The Mysterious Midnight Harp Player From The Curse That Binds Her To His House

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