By One Of The Foremost Historians Of Chinese Institutions, This Book Focuses On China S Civil Service Examination System In Its Final And Most Elaborate Phase During The Ch Ing Dynasty All Aspects Of This Labyrinthine System Are Explored The Types Of Questions, The Style And Form In Which They Were To Be Answered, The Problem Of Cheating, And The Psychological And Financial Burdens Of The Candidates, The Rewards Of The Successful And The Plight Of Those Who Failed Drawing On A Wide Range Trailer È China's Examination Hell: The Civil Service Examinations of Imperial China PDF by È Ichisada Miyazaki Of Sources, Including Chinese Novels, Short Stories, And Plays, This Thought Provoking And Entertaining Book Brings To Vivid Life The Testing Structure That Supplied China S Government Bureaucracy For Almost Fourteen Hundred Years Hochinteressante, informative Einf hrungWer sich n her mit chinesischer Literatur und Geschichte auseinandersetzt, st t schnell auf das Thema der Pr fungskultur Wer etwas werden wollte in China, sei es in der Tang oder der Qing Dynastie, musste sich durch die teilweise unglaublichen Strapazen dieses Pr fungswesens arbeiten, teilweise lebenslang Die gesamte chinesische Kultur ist zu einem nicht unbetr chtlichen Teil von dieser Art, die Positionen in der Regierung zu besetzen, beeinflusst worden zum Guten wie zum Schlechten.
Dieses Fachbuch beschreibt en detail wie eine solche Pr fung ablief, wie die Kandidaten sich vorbereiteten und was im Erfolgs wie im Misserfolgsfall mit ihnen geschah Dabei wird sowohl auf historisch Both concise and comprehensive I was interested in reading about these after Chinese civil servants seemed to appear in every book I read about China Platt s Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom, Lovell s Opium War, Kuhn s Soulstealers, and even in The Penguin History of the World The exams are described in detail, which naturally drew me to compare them to American standardized tests and citizenship tests Most entertaining are the ghost stories apparently, the examination centers were a common setting for China s ghost stories including those by Lu Xun , many of which contained a moral fable Forghost stories set in bureaucracies, see David Foster Wallace s The Pale King.
Lo sapevate che in principio il mondo occidentale e, soprattutto, l Europa non prevedevano esami per l assegnazione delle cariche di stato No Allora leggendo questo libro potrete identificare il colpevole delle nostre sofferenze Nella Cina imperiale, in seguito a complotti per il potere, dove concubine, eunuchi e funzionari facevano di tutto per spodestare l imperatore o usarlo come burattino per i propri interessi George R.
R Martin, ne sai qualcosa vero , venne ideato un sistema di esami di stato aperto a tutti, ricchi poveri, belli e brutti, per far modo che a corte ci fossero persone realmente meritevoli del loro incarico.
Il problema di questo sistema era che gli esami erano di una difficolt tale per cui i pochi eletti che riuscivano ad arrivare a quello decisivo, che consisteva in una clausura di un giorno ed una notte Clear, concise Chinese history.
¾ China's Examination Hell: The Civil Service Examinations of Imperial China Ø Extremely interesting read about how the Chinese gained office through the testing services.
A description of one of the most important and toughest examination systems in world history the examinations for the Chinese imperial civil service These examinations were in place for about 1400 years, and molded and selected the men who ran what was often the most powerful though isolated nation on earth Women could not take the exams For most of this time, the only way an ambitious man could have a successful career was to pass the civil service exam, join the government, and be appointed a high mandarin where he could let his fingernails grow long There was almost no other way to hit the really big time Only about one out of each 3000 men reached the top of the exam system, so the competition, as the title of the book implies, was hellish.
The exams were based on the

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