Did not finish.
I liked this book The plot was interesting, the writing moved the book along and the characters were engaging and relatable Although not a fan of romantic suspense the romance parts were not that many and easy to skip and miss nothing relating to the story Just a fun read.
I was sorry to see this author only wrote two books that I can find I think she has a definite talent for this genre and reading both her books was enjoyable.
I definitely liked the plot.
But what I hated in this book is the dialogue I hated it whenever Luke Novak called Tessa baby In fact I found it so cheesy, it was excruciating I hate endearments Especially baby Anyway, the plot was good, however, the ending was abrupt, as if the author just wanted to finish the book at an instant She was building the climax thoroughly but ended the book with a sudden.
Anyway the book is good and if your looking for a little thriller and romance, then pick this book up.
Only read four pages but got distracted and annoyed by the POV changes In that short introduction, the reader was shuffled from one character s head to another no less than THREE times With these changes all happening during the one scene, I felt terribly disorientated and found myself re reading to work out which character s head I was in now Not a good book to relax with, but a good one if you want to give your brain a workout I enjoyed the story It s a good read and fairly fast even though its kind of a long book 420 pages I liked the characters and the plot I just hated that the end was very abrupt All those pages for such a quick ending

This book is written well I got bogged down in some of the minutia regarding the criminal enterprises and money laundering I was also not crazy about the rape plot line that drives the whole story However, it is a well written book There was good action and suspense and likeable characters I would definitely readby this author.
Ô No Escape ¼ good 2.
5 star read A great and quick read Is The Only ExitKelly Martin Is A Frightened Teenage Runaway Who Made Ascandalous Accusation, Then Vanished, Leaving Los Angeles Prosecutor Tessa Jacobi With A Ticking Time Bomb Of A Case On Her Hands When The Investigation Leads Her To Chic Nightclubs, Shadowy Business Deals And Whispers Of Sexual Slavery, Tessa Understands That She S Out Of Her League So She Asks For Help From A Man Whose Contacts And Experience Can Help Her Bring Kelly HomeBurned By The System In The Past, Private Investigator LukeNovak Plays By [Heather Lowell] ✓ No Escape [nordic-noir PDF] Ebook Epub Download ½ His Own Rules And He S Not About To Change Them To Accommodate A Smart, Classy Blonde From The DA S Office But When A Killer Strikes Frighteningly Close To Home, Tessa Has Nowhere To Turn Except To Luke Because Somewhere In A Neon Underworld, A Young Girl Is Running For Her Life And Tessa Is Determined To Get Her Out, Even If It Means Placing Her Own Life In The Hands Of A Renegade She Has No Choice But To Trust

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