BY FIREChris Ronnau Volunteered For The Army And Was Sent To Vietnam In January , Armed With An M Rifle And American Express Traveler S Checks But The Latter Soon Proved Particularly Pointless As The Private First Class Found Himself In The Thick Of Two Pivotal, Fiercely Fought Big Red One Operations, Going Head To Head Against Crack Viet Cong And NVA Troops In The Notorious Iron Triangle And Along The Treacherous Cambodian Border Near Tay NinhPatrols, Ambushes, [ read Online Blood Trails: The Combat Diary of a Foot Soldier in Vietnam ¾ rus PDF ] by Christopher Ronnau ¶ Plunging Down VC Tunnels, Search And Destroy Missions There Were Many Ways To Drive The Enemy From His Own Backyard, As Ronnau Quickly Discovered Based On The Journal Ronnau Kept In Vietnam, Blood Trails Captures The Hellish Jungle War In All Its Stark Life And Death Immediacy This Wrenching Chronicle Is Also Stirring Testimony To The Quiet Courage Of Those Unsung American Heroes, Many Not Yet Twenty One, Who Had A Job To Do And Did It Without Complaint Fighting, Sacrificing, And Dying For Their Country Includes Sixteen Pages Of Rare And Never Before Seen Combat Photos From The Paperback Edition I ended up purchasing a copy of Blood Trails from.
UK because I wanted to establish an account on that side of the world But I couldn t wait for it to arrive, so I purchased a Kindle e book version too and began reading it immediately Like Chris, I also kept a diary when in Vietnam and referred to it when writing my own novel.
I truly loved Blood Trails and could relate to many of the anecdotes within the story My outfit, the 25th Division, also patrolled around Tay Ninh and Cambodia and I can recall many of those things described in the book Some reviewers have posted that Blood Trails was just another grunt story It is, but there are also 3.
5 million Vietnam war stories out there some of us have chosen to write about them Although many of the books are the same in the sense of writing about the suffering of patrolling and sleeping in the bug infested jungles, every one of them is uniq Blood Trails is an autobiographical novel about the Vietnam war by Christopher Ronnau As an autobiography, the book was dry than fiction, due to the fact that events can t be both historically accurate and detailed However, it contained a lot of important historical information, and it appears to be a relatively reliable source from the author s word Christopher Ronnau hides nothing as he reveals all that he experienced during the war, telling things as they were for him, without glorification or spin He doesn t get into politics at all, for better or for worse The war is portrayed with all it s many faces, and much of the material is inappropriate for sensitive audiences.
The book focuses on the day to day experience in the the frontlines of the Vietnam war and the lives and interactions of the soldiers I found it surprising that at times, many of the high ranking offic

I have read than a few of these memoirs from Vietnam thank goodness they re being written now and found this one to be refreshingly self deprecating and honest Chris Ronnau provides well described visuals of an infantryman s daily life, and reveals quite well the nature of young male Americans of mixed backgrounds and perhaps less than average education It s a warts and all biography Especially interesting since you don t get it in every story is his description of his being wounded and his trip back through the casevac and medical system This is a good and easy read.
The author kept a detailed journal about his life as a combat infantry soldier in Vietnam He describes life as it existed in both base camp and in the field, the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in and out of combat The book captures the essence of human nature, which is one important aspect of this book It is important and relevant because it describes small unit combat operations read it so you will have an understanding of the sacrifices made by grunts for our country.

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