I liked the Twilight Saga, but I m CRAZY about The House of Night series It s also about teenage vampires, but these teenagers are smart and funny and serious for the most part, yet still very believable as teenagers I didn t really feel that way about Meyer s characters I m sure that s helped by the fact this is a mother and young adult daughter writing team who are absolutely fearless about what happens to their characters Plus it s a new and interesting twist on vampirism, which I always appreciate I cannot recommend this series highly enough it is addictive The books in the series are 1 Marked 2 Betrayed 3 Chosen 4 Untamed 5 coming out in March Hunted.
Jackie While still a somewhat enjoyable read if only because I like the idea behind the story I enjoyed the ending , the overuse of the words slut, stank slut, hag, hag bitch, skank, ho and ho bitch was a bit much It s always bothered me how casually teen girls throw around the word slut as an insult not even teen girls, adults constantly toss that word around as well It seems that if a girl isn t well liked, the automatic insult is to call them a slut and it s really aggravating I mean, if you have a vagina chances are somewhere along the line you ve been called a slut and honestly, it s getting ridiculous Of course, these terms are never applied to any of the guys in the series, just the girls.
Zoey, the heroine I praised in the last book for being a good role model, seems to use these words a lot to describe one particular g Also See Alternate Cover Editions For This ISBN ACEACEZoey, High Priestess In Training, Has Managed To Settle In At The House Of Night And Come To Terms With The Vast Powers The Vampyre Goddess Nyx Has Given Her Just As She Finally Feels She Belongs, The Unthinkable Happens Human Teenagers Are Being Killed, And All Evidence Points To The House Of Night While Danger Stalks The Humans From Zoey S Old Life, She ↠´ Betrayed Ñ Download by Ç P.
Cast Begins To Realize That The Very Powers That Make Her So Unique Might Also Threaten Those She Loves It s been years since I started this series, and I remember next to nothing, but I do recall something about4 love interestsYou know how much I enjoy love geometry in my books.
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Good Lord, was this terrible.
It had a great concept a vampire finishing school Say it to yourself a few times Vampire Finishing School I envisioned a dark mirror of Hogwarts, something that would feed my irrational obsession with boarding schools while twisting it down new, hopefully black humor laden pathways.
This was not the book I got, but I m flexible What I got was a flat, contrived exercise in demonstrating the problems of YA writing, fantasy writing, and romance writing.
Zoey never misses a chance to remind you that she is The Most Powerful Fledgling Ever She would rather explain to you, in laborious detail, what every event means, instead of letting you judge for yourself from the consequences of each plot turn She will describe every other character s personality for you, because apparently you re too dumb to draw your own conclusions from their dialogue and behavior or, rather ✓ Betrayed À I m a little frustrated with this series It has the potential to be good, but it continually falls short The main reason is the writing It s horrible I even added a whole new shelf dedicated to the worst reads ever Like I said in my review of Marked, the authors are trying too hard to be hip and it s not being pulled off very well Plus, a thesaurus can work miracles to spruce up any writing I gave this book two stars, because the story started to getinteresting However, I m not connecting to the characters and this is a big deal to me Even if the writing is bad in a book, as long as, I connect to the characters and the story then, I can look past the painful narration I m finding it hard to turn a blind eye to the writing abilities of these authors Just because there is a large audience out there for vampire novels, doesn t mean that every story should be published Having I really enjoy the idea of these books I CAN T STAND, however, the authors tendency to re tell the reader all of what happened in the previous books I mean, who is reading book 2 without having read the other book Do we really have to get the Cherokee translation for daughter again PLEASE stop treating us like we are total morons with the memory of a two year old The overt sexuality is a bit much for any teens that I teach, and I couldn t safely recommend this to any teens or pre teens that I know I even skipped over a few scenes I don t understand why that is necessary in a book that is so clearly aimed at teens This is definitely not Twilight, even though I find the initial ideas and characters muchintriguing.

I m loving rereading the HoN I m preparing for a special 10th anniversary surprise for fans, and revisiting Zoey and the Nerd Herd is such fun And the Stevie Rae scenesob I bawled my eyes out Again I d also forgotten how funny Heath is On to CHOSEN The main character, super special, gifted, popular, admired and generally perfect, newly turned vampire Zoey, is torn between three men two boys and a man to be exact.
1 Her uber cute human ex boyfriend Heath Ohmygoodness whose I quote bulge in the pants she finds herself rubbing.
2 Her fellow vampire and uber handsome current boyfriend Erik Ohmydearsweetlord whom the entire school considers to be her boyfriend but she is not really sure because even though they ve dated a few times and kissed and hugged and held hands, they haven t proceeded any further 3 And the uber sexy adult vampire poet and school professor Loren no words are enough, just fan yourself here with whom she flirts a couple of times.
Her arch nemesis, Aphrodite, who used to date Ohmydearsweetlord Erik at some point and had been caught performing a dirty act with him in a dark corner

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