Only Stopped At The Slave Auction For A Moment, But It Was Enough To Change Everything She Felt Compelled To Buy Jaed Aden When She Saw Him But To Get Him She Had To Outbid Skand Toolon, The Nastiest Piece Of Scum In The Sector Now, She Has To Try To Explain To Her Mate While She Is Bringing Another Male Into Their HomeRaerei Is Far From Happy When His Wife Returns To Their Ship Dragging A Half Starved Slave Along He Is Even Less Happy To See [ read Online The Ta'e'sha Caesurae 2: Crimson Shackles ☆ catholic PDF ] by Theolyn Boese ☆ How Attracted To The Slave She Is But, What Really Finishes Off His Day Is Discovering That A Vicious Pirate Is Hot For Their Blood Because Shay Outbid Him For The SlaveJaed Aden Isn T What They Expect, Though Beneath The Submissiveness Of The Abused Slave Is A Man With An Unbroken Spirit, A Loving Heart, And A Longing For The Life He Left Behind He Slowly Releases His Fear And Blossoms Under Shay And Raerei S CareNow If Only Skand Wouldn T Follow Them To The Ends Of The Universe To See The Three Of Them Dead, They Might Just Get Jaed Aden Home Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Bondage, Domination Submission, Exhibitionism, Male Male Sexual Practices, Menage M F M With Homoerotic M M Elements, Strong Violence I really liked all of the books by this author and I really hope she continues to give us such awesome stories.
I very much love anything written by Theolyn Boese and this is no exception Crimson Shackles is a well written story with characters you can t get enough of Very quickly you get drawn into a world of different beings that act way to human at times All her books are a must read and it s very sad that she hasn t written anything in a very long while.

I have already read this book several times and truely love it.
four becomes two, two becomes oneI really love these stories by Theolyn Boese She takes a unique folklore and mates it with space travel This story brings together the Ta e sha with the Kleeg shapeshifter clan Kerracat To bring two species together as a family is hard work but Theolyn did so Through thick or thin, life or death this family will prevail A must read for Theolyn Boese fans

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