P Re Goriot Can Rightly Be Regarded As One Of The Greatest Of Balzac S Novels, Writes Henry Reed Of This Masterful Study Of A Father Who Sacrifices Everything For His Daughters This Novel Marked The True Beginning Of Balzac S Towering Project La Com Die Humaine, His Series Of Novels And Short Stories Depicting The Whole Pell Mell Of Civilization In P Re Goriot, The Great Novelist Probes The Bourgeois Tragedy Of Money And Power From Two Different Directions While Goriot Is Willingly [ Pdf Le Père Goriot ê magick PDF ] by Honoré de Balzac Ñ Reduced To Poverty To Support His Ambitious Daughters, An Impoverished Young Man Of Integrity Becomes Money Hungry Attracted To One Of Goriot S Daughters, Rastignac Succumbs To The Fever Of Social Climbing The Resulting Tale Is A Commentary On Wealth And Human Desire That Still Rings True In The Twenty First Century Translated And With An Afterword By Henry Reed And With An Introduction By Peter Brooks The Importance of Being CynicalRastignac s education is the theme of the novel provided at the expense of P re Goriot, who built up a fortune from nothing, married his daughters into wealth and was duly ignored and left to die a lonely death This clear tragedy tells Rastignac, and perhaps France itself, what it takes to succeed in a Capitalist World ruthlessness and a complete apathy to moral sentiments As Vautrin explains to Rastignac, it is illusory to think that social success can be achieved through study, talent, and effort you can never get anywhere worthwhile by slaving your life away earning an honest living out of your education and skills All you need is cynicism P re Goriot was a great teacher Nothing else could have convinced Rastignac P.
S This short review is inspired by Thomas Piketty s analysi No doubts on my part This novel deserves a 5 star rating Challenge my rating if you want and I know I can defend it, tooth and nail.
At first, this seems to be just a story of an old man, Pere Goriot and how he ends up in the pupper s grave despite being a rich businessman when he s still strong His fault is that he loves and cares for his 2 spoiled uncaring ungrateful daughters who get all his riches and in the end don t even care going to his deathbed However, that plot seems to be just secondary to the story of a young man, Eugene de Rastignac who uses all the opportunities for him to climb the social ladder That makes this novel partly a bildungsroman and should have inspired James Joyce to write A Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist Part of this climb is one of Goriot s daughters, Delphine The good thing about Rastignac is that even if he uses other peopl These relics are historical artifacts to be marveled at for prolonged semi meditative snatches of time, are essential to readers educations I found much of value in this, my first novel by Balzac, mostly in how sad sociological circumstances can be, how nothing much changes when money is the main ingredient in how a person s fate shall be.
This is a tragedy, perhaps not as Shakespearean as one would like or ironic it naturally follows its predestined course the entire time , but it IS full of woe is meisms melancholy in the treatment of one human from one class to another the surplus description that s a signature of Balzac, is no detractor in being so faithful with his worlds and rooms of wondrous decrepitude it paints a world no longer alive though themes are eternal as well as a type of novel no longer being written.
Pere Goriot 1835 , Honore de Balzac s novel centered on French society after the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo and subsequent restoration of the Bourbons is impressively exhaustively detailed Through an analysis of families, marriage and institutions, Balzac presents fully realized characters from diverse backgrounds When reading this novel, you do feel immersed in the upheaval of French society That immersion extends to the characters, so many characters their motivations, social climbing here a major theme , virtues and pettiness In the end, you I want to scream at Goriot to not give all his money to his daughters Ah, wasted breath Overall, I found Pere Goriot an exhausting but rewarding experience.
I will confess that my obsession with Balzac in my early twenties equalled P re Goriot s unconditional and quite blind love for his daughters When I read P re Goriot, quickly followed by Les Illusions Perdues and many other novels in the Com die Humaine, I lacked the complete cynicism to understand a Rastignac or Vautrin and the mechanisms behind the tragedy of exploitation of those who love with a passion by those who celebrate their own self indulgence and instant gratification most of all.
Therefore, I read Balzac with a sense of surreal pain, stunned by the outlandish ruthlessness of his main characters, taking what they needed when they needed it and leaving pain and destruction in their path Truly, in my eyes they were pirates in the charmingly mythical and colourful sense of a Jack Sparrow.
Fast f é Le Père Goriot é Years ago my mum was an English literature professor and my dad a linguist at an university Ever since I could read beyond the alphabet books I was spoon fed serious classic literature Mum had a particular passion for all things French, and I read things like The Red and the Blackand Madame Bovarybefore Harry Potter was even published Like most normal children, I did not enjoy anything over 200 pages with dense text about poverty and woman s fashion and instead resorted to large amount of serious classic science fiction and Gothic literature instead As a result, I ve always carried this fear and Urgh, not another painting on the cover Penguin classic again attitude towards well, serious things So the other day I came across Pere Goriot and thought, hey, now that I m o Another of the great books written by Balzac with one of his favourite characters, the ambitious Rastignac and the mega villain Vautrin who would give the Joker a run for his money is a page turner It was also an inspiration to Mario Puzo when he wrote The Godfather Like Illusions Perdues, it is a bildungsroman where Rastignac rises to power and later as an old man becomes the protagonist of Le Peau de Chagrin One of the high points of 19th C French literature, this book is a fascinating and fun read not to be missed 920 Le P re Goriot Father Goriot Old Goriot Old Man Goriot, Honor de BalzacLe P re Goriot, Old Goriot or Father Goriot, is an 1835 novel by French novelist and playwright Honor de Balzac 1799 1850 , included in the Sc nes de la vie priv e section of his novel sequence La Com die humaine Set in Paris in 1819, it follows the intertwined lives of three characters the elderly doting Goriot a mysterious criminal in hiding named Vautrin and a naive law student named Eug ne de Rastignac 1978 1341 329 1382 280 1389 9789646207219 1391 295 9789640014943 19 1341 359 1393 9786001216343 1347 444 1368 408 1388 352 9789642130566 .
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