Reading Diary of a Witch again after 31 years is like sitting down for tea with a favorite great aunt that you haven't seen in ages and listening to her life's story.
I recently found a copy of the first edition hardcover in a used bookstore and didn't hesitate to snatch it up, which I now consider one of my Wiccan treasures.
The book is a fascinating read and in my opinion should be required study for any new witch or wizard.
It is essentially a biographical essay by an hereditary witch.
Sybil was one of the first witches to come out of the broom closet and her influence on American Wicca (i.
the so called "eclectic" Wicca) is incalculable.
Fortunately, it isn't a difficult book to read and a student can usually finish it in one of two readings.
The chapters move quickly, although eleven and twelve do drag a little.
Otherwise, the book is perfect.
Back I’ve just begun my witchcraft research journey and Sybil Leek was one of the first healers I heard about.
Finding her rare outofprint book at my local library was sheer luck and I absorb all but the final twenty pages (it got a little redundant toward the end).
It’s a hilarious and camp retelling of the author’s journey.
I found two other rare books of Leek’s and I’m looking forward to those as well.
Those even remotely interested in the craft will find this read enjoyable.
Sybil Leek claims that the witches of England cast a spell during the WW2 British evacuation of Dunkirk, which brought a fog upon Dunkirk, so that the Luftwaffe couldn't bomb the ships coming to the soldiers rescue.
This is an essential resource for any Wiccan, Pagan, or spiritualist.
Reading about Sybil Leeks amazing life gives me much more insight into trusting my instincts.
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The memoirs of a modern witch.
From Britian, she is puzzled by the American perception of what a witch is and is not.
The book that introduced me to Wicca.
¾ Diary of a Witch ¾ Easy to read biography of one of the most famous witches in modern history.
Not at all what most people think of when they see the word witch, especially in the US.
read this a few years before I met Jesus Christ.
When I was lost and looking for God in the wrong places.
This book firmly belongs in the rubbish pile of books I have ever had the displeasure of reading.
It has been recommended to me numerous times and now having read it I have to seriously question anyone who feels this book is "recommended reading".

It starts with the usual disproven nonsense of withcraft as the Old religion which survived underground, and how Leek came from a long line of witches spanning hundreds of years.
It continues to read as a poorly written novella with Leek claiming her high intellect multiple times as if it is supposed to convince not only us, but her as well, apparently she was a precocious child to the point of being a almost super intellectual.
This theme of Leek being rather amazing and so important that she is not only honoured by gypsies but African leaders is enough to make my

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