I totally enjoyed this first book in Stormy Glenn s Tri Omega Mates series I was intrigued by the description and I was really glad that the story line turned out to have a littledepth than what I was expecting It was a fun, sexy read that kept me very entertained.
Leyland is a photographer on his way to a photo shoot when his car breaks down He s not just a photographer, though He s an omega werewolf who knows he s a Tri Omega, meaning he s fated to have two mates Imagine his surprise when he discovers both of them on his photo shoot.
Jake and Lucas are the Alpha and Beta, respectively, of a very small pack of gay werewolves These men all have the same background of having been abused and kicked out of their birth packs at an early age for being gay, considered weak or both Jake and Lucas have been lovers for ten year 2.
3 StarsSo, I picked this book because it was relatively short which meant an easy listen , it was MMM, had an MC that was a photographer it had over 1000 ratings all of which I needed for different challenges Oddly enough I also seemed to have picked up the audio back when I had plenty of discretionary money, which is weird because I m pretty sure I made a vow almost a decade ago not to read another Stormy Glenn book I wasn t all that impressed with what I had read, even if I couldn t remember the name of the book.
Fast forward to this week and I discover, Surprise It was this one I m not going to incorrectly quote Alannis, but man, that is one helluva coincidence, don t you think This is what I get when I try to re consider moratoriums previously placed on authors.
I am going to say t Amour ManLove Erotic Paranormal Menage A Trois Cowboy Romance, M M M, Werewolves Everyone Has Secret Desires, Especially Werewolf Leyland Summers He Dreams Of Two Sexy Mates To Bring All Of His Fantasies To Life When He Encounters A Sexy Cowboy Who Wants To Take Him For A Wild Ride, What Does He Say Hell Yes Coming To Ranch Country For A Picture Shoot, Leyland Was Shocked To Find Not One, But Two Mates Being A Tri Omega, He Had Always Known That He Would Have ☆ Secret Desires (Tri-Omega Mates #1) É Download by  Stormy Glenn Two Mates He Just Never Expected To Find Them In The Same Place Or To Find Out That They Had Been Lovers For Years Having Two Mates Is No Big Deal For Leyland He Grew Up With Two Fathers But Having Two Mates That Were Already In Love Is Something All Together Different How Is He Supposed To Share Lucas With Jakeor Jake With Lucas And Where Does That Leave Him Uhhwhere to begin Well first of all it has a menage, cowboys and shifters A book can t get much better than that, in my opinion Or so you d think Oh and a touch of BDSM, maybe Not in this book though It disappoints Oh how it disappoints I suppose the wolf thing makes writers think it s okay to have the characters that get mated in the beginning fuck each other s brains out after once laying eyes on each other Not cool So not cool It annoys me to no end, really The characters are a bit too one dimensional Lucas seemed interesting, but nothing is told about him Jake with his monster cockyeah And what is it with these monster endowed men What really bugged me the most was Leyland s character He knew better, yet he was still a delicate little flower who needed to nearly die because of some I m not getting fucked or bitt First ten page and already two of them have sexwhile being on a horseHow convenient that Jake had lube with him.
while being on a horseOr that he just happened to pass at the exact time when Leyland needed help I don t like how Jake investigate Leyland, it s cold, clinic That he tricked Leyland in making in said that he was him and bit him while knowing it was going to change him in a werewolf without asking Leyland opinion it s cold, clinic and egocentric Jake only think at his need, at him That the writer just dismish this problem by making Leiland already a wolf do not sit well with me.
Leyland is a photograph, want to be love and like to suck cock That s the extend of his personality Jake is the Alpha and he has a big cock That s his personality Lucasdon t even have a personality Hey, he doesn t even have a family name Keeping someone in I thought that I would like thisthan I actually did I didn t think that the characters melded as well together as in some other threesomes that I ve read It just felt like there was too much that would have remained unresolved except for the fact that they were destined to be mates.
I also had a problem with Leyland getting locked in his room I mean Jake and Lucas took punishment advice from the man s fathers I felt like that undermined this supposed dominance they had Instead of rationally choosing something they thought appropriate or working it through with their mate, they had to get advice from a parent This made it seem like Leyland wasn t their partner, even a submissive one He was someone they had to babysit Then they went into town while ☆ Secret Desires (Tri-Omega Mates #1) ç This book is so damn wrong, for starters Jake wasn t an alpha at all, just a childish bastard with an inferiority complex, Lucas wasbalanced but he wasn t an alpha either like the author wants us to believe, he wassubmissive in some ways than Leyland, Leyland in the other way had the leader qualities Jake lacks, Jake is always like you have to obey me because I m the leader and i say so, instead of telling us is for the welfare of the pack, while Leyland can actually make them understand and guide them through, part of reading about an alpha is that you don t have to be constantly reminded that he is one, you just get into it because of the way he acts speaks.
And the conversation with Leylands parents while he was dying is surreal our sons dying but w e oh let me put you with me wife to see what s wrong, by the way, you have a lovely ranch , I really liked it I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book I think the appeal lay in a combination of the characters and dialogue, with the characters being so engaging and with so much humour and cute flirting When I see something I want, what s the point in pretending I don t And I want you, baby Baby Well, sex on a stick just seemed too long to pronounce, so, yeah, baby The attraction is instant when Leyland and Jake meet it s that werewolf mating thing, when you find your mate you just know it and they pretty much get it on straight away The sex scenes are sizzling and I don t think I have ever read a sex scene on horseback before very unique With mating and claiming comes instant love and the conversation reflects this There are some lines that should sound corny but are just adorably cute It s so sweet to see Jake s alph

Leyland s neon green VW breaks down on his way to a photo shoot and he s rescued by a smoking hot cowboy When the cowboy, Jake, decides to initiate Leyland to the joys of sex on horseback, Leyland is all about learning new things He has no qualms about Jake s ascertain that he s keeping Leyland, instead happily snuggles in until he realizes that Jake is already in love with someone else, Lucas Considering happy wolves don t like to share, this causes some angst among the trio until they can work things out Jake is the alpha male of a pack of gay wolves and in love with his best friend and lover ofthan a decade, Lucas Both Jake and Lucas are strong willed, stubborn men who never expected to have a mate, let alone have to share one Leyland for his part has no problems with being mated to two men, yet he wants to make sure he has a place amongst them Complicating mat 3 IS A LOT MORE FUN THAN 2 I dont know what this says about me but I loved it Like unwrapping a christmas present love,curling up with hot chocolate and your fave M M love I thought it was funny, sweet and entertaining Apart from a few editing errors and the whole tri omega phenom that now has them popping up everywhere, I still wanted to get naked with this book.
So Leyland is a tri omega which means he gets to have two mates Judging from the way this book started I had no clue that Leyland even knew what wolves were and that he himself was one He played the clueless twink with a capital T So he meets his mate, gets done on a horse Oh yes talk about going for a ride Meets his other mate finds out that they were lovers before they

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