This is my first read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised This is such a wonderfully feel good fluffy romantic and incredibly sweet book Sam the MC was a sweetheart From the first page of the book I had the biggest smile on my face I laughed a lot, smiled a lot, and was very sad at a certain point In my humble opinion, if a book manages to make you have all those feelings then no need to focus on the other minor details that could potentially bother you is it a bit cheesy Yes Is it a bit predictable Yes Do I care NO So I totally recommend this one if you need a fluffy read that would just make you feel so damn good 4.
5 rounded up to 5.
Not sure why, but I really love a good celebrity romance and this one popped into KU at just the right time for me It had some of the hallmarks of being a KU book, namely a few editing issues that didn t really distract too badly, and would have been even better with a strong editor, but it was a well written novel I m impressed with KJ, and will be looking forward to future novels of hers 4.
25 stars.
Really solidly written and very entertaining book with great characterization but could have benefited from stronger editing and better ebook formatting Will definitely keep an eye on KJ s new offerings in future and read her backlist.
25 starsSeptember 6, 2019

This was my first novel by this author, and WOW I just loved it As I know this is her third book yet And I will definitely be reading the others too.
The story is a heartwarming romance with Sam Samantha Markson and Abby Abigail Taylor in lead roles But there is a third really important person I can t leave out, Abby s nine year old daughter Grace And don t stop because of that child, she s just great It isn t a new kind of story but even when I knew what will be the problem, it didn t stop me from reading this sweet love story When Abby, a world famous actress from the States, comes to Melbourne for starring in her new film, she brings with her Grace She wants for her daughter that she learns as much as she can about the country her mother originally is coming from She hires a private teacher and therefore Sam is coming on the scene Sam is a tea ☆ Coming Home ☆ 4.
5 This was seriously good I really enjoyed it First book by K.
J and wont be the last.
5 stars I loved reading this book, very nice characters who communicate well, nice supporting cast, not too much angst which I don t like, well written and very good build up of the connection between the mains Pace was slow but in a good way If i have to describe this book in one word it would be cosy because it made me feel warm and connected to the characters Not much sex, only one scene I have immediately bought another book by KJ I am curious whether I ll like that as much as this one Recommend.
I really really liked the writing and I thought the story was just wonderful, a feel good romance which just made its way to your heartput a smile on your face and a tear along the way A nice setting with likeable MCs in Sam and Abby and supporting roles were just as likeable Gracey Grace, Tom and Cath A delightful read for the weekendfor me at least 4.
25 Would Happen If Your Regular, Ordinary, Safe, Everyday Existence Suddenly Became Not Any Of Those Things When Samantha Markson, Ordinary Person, Is Thrust Into The Life Of Abigail Taylor, Not At All Ordinary Person, It Proves To Be An Experience Like She S Never Had Before World Famous Actress Abigail Taylor Is In Melbourne Filming Her New Movie, And Is Accompanied By Her Nine Year Old Daughter, Grace, Because Abigail Wants Her To Experience An Australian Education For Three Months Sam Markson Is A [ read Online Coming Home ✓ category-romance PDF ] by K.
J .
ã Teacher At One Of The Best Schools In Melbourne, And Is Perfectly Happy Doing That, Thank You Very Much, When She S Suddenly Redirected From The Classroom Into The Job As Grace S Teacher A Move So Fast That Even Blinking Would Feel Like Slow Motion Sam Has Never Met Anyone Like Abigail Taylor, And She Starts To Realise That Her Ordinary Life Might Actually Be Missing Something Extraordinary, Words I really really liked this storyKJ is a new author to me and after a Goodread friend recommended this I think it was Laure I said what the heck is a kU book And I am so glad for that recommendation and that I listened to it I think what drew me in was the character development You fall in love with all the characters, not just the main but everyonewell except for Stacey Is it bad I wished for a big dramatic fall out with her Anyway, Sam was so much fun to read Her humor was actually funny and she fit perfectly with Grace which you know will lead to some sad moments Her interactions with Abby was great too and I liked how it wasnt a instalove, not really The development, though in a short time was done so well that it seemed like the characters were together forever.
I really, really liked this story Enough th Oh you should really read this one I have not read any of K.
J s other books but I likely need to check them out This one falls under the Celebrity romance and I just love them This book made me happy then sad then happy again I can give this one a strong 4.
25 stars.

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