The second installment of the Jalna saga takes these Canadian settlers into the Civil War concerns of their neighbors to the south plus a few other adventures None of this is very serious, analytical, or earth shaking, but it s all extremely enjoyable We leave the Whiteoaks on a ship to England, where their three older children are being packed off for proper schooling this volume just suddenly ends there But I was planning to read my way through the whole series anyway.
First read 50 years ago and upon recalling my enjoyment I decided to re read the series Lovely descriptions and have not disappointed Impulsive Bride With An Irish Temper, And Her Husband, Captain Whiteoak, Select Lake Ontario As The Site Of Their New Home It IsAnd Life At Jalna Is Peaceful Philip, Who Will Grow Up To Become The Master Of Jalna, Has Just Come Into The World, While Augusta, Nicholas, And Ernest Are Children However, The Sinclairs Come To Visit And The Whiteoaks Begin To Suspect That The Sinclairs Have A Deep And Dangerous [ Pdf Morning at Jalna ó alexandria PDF ] by Mazo de la Roche ↠´ Secret As a teenager I loved these books, despite classmates laughing at this series of books.
I enjoyed MORNING AT JALNA, despite its flaws It s one of the weaker books in the Jalna series In fact, a reviewer once stated that she saw no reason why the book should have been written That s a rather harsh judgment, though, in my opinion Morning at Jalna really does have a sort of interesting plot, and that s a lot to say for author Mazo de la Roche, who is not remembered as ever having been strong on plottingThe setting is the early 1860 s, just after the outbreak of the American Civil War Adeline and Philip invite their friends the Sinclairs a wealthy Southern couple to stay indefinitely at Jalna The husband, Curtis Sinclair, is a hunchback debarred from joining the Confederate army, but he has secret dealings with spies in Canada who would sabotage and undermine the Northern cause Lucy is a pretty Racist and therefore unrateable I read it because I m reading the series and I really enjoyed book 1 of the series This was written in the 60s and the author knew slavery was wrong, so why did she portray slaves in this way Why is Tite consistently called a half breed I guess we learn a little about the author through this portrayal.
A redeeming feature was the section where the children run away to sea I m going out have to put this book behind me, give the series a rest for a while and come back to it later.
Morning at Jalna Æ It s not easy to find this book any I got it at my library but had to special order it from another branch The series has two different numbering systems one by order written, one by order of events In the order of events, this is the 2nd in events, following The Building of Jalna I wasn t crazy about the opening, but the story really picked up after that and is a delightful mix of humor and drama If you like family sagas, then you ll enjoy the Whiteoaks series I especially enjoyed the children in the story Ernest s my eye comments really become comical I plan to read the whole series.

Book 2 in the Jalna series Morning at Jalna has two main storylines mysterious visitors from the South during the Civil War and the adventures of the Whiteoak children The former was a slow starter for me, but the scenes with the children were charming, and they were depicted in a realistic and boisterous manner I look forward to rereading the next Jalna book I am still enjoying this summer read challenge.
Self absorbed Whiteoaks as always Adeline is at her self dramatizing best Tite, the French Indian Canadian young man is mesmerizingly, cheerfully amoral The three oldest Whiteoak children are the real stars of this particular volume and get up to several amusing or scary high jinks Set during the American Civil War, the Whiteoaks have an unpleasant sympathy with the South, a view that blacks are better off being cared for and the most unflattering black stereotypes Also the movement back and force between the Confederacy and Canada seems surprisingly easy Despite the unpleasant sympathies and stereotypes, I do have to admit I still find this family involving.
I guess Morning at Jalna is reallya second prequel than a real book in the series It continues the story of the first prequel Building of Jalna It hasof a plot than the first novel, but it is still a collection of anecdotes rather than just one story.
In the first half of the book, Lucy and Curtis Sinclair come to visit Jalna indefinitely They are plantation owners running away from the American Civil War, taking three slaves with them, which does not make the Whiteoaks neighbours happy In the second half, after the Sinclairs have returned home with their slaves who apparently WANTED to stay with their owners even though in Canada they were free , most of the storytelling is about the antics of Adeline and Philip Whiteoak s three oldest children Augusta, Nicholas and Ernest The most exciting part is when the children decide to run away.
The novel ends with the whole

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