4,5 starsMore to come on December 1st.
This book stabbed me in the heart, just like each and every Colleen Hoover book does, this one was just a lot earlier than the others This isn t your traditional romance novel, but don t worry, CoHo won t leave you wanting forRegretting You is about the relationship between a mother and daughter and how they navigate personal tragedy The reason I love Colleen Hoover s writing so much is that no matter what, I find a way to relate to her characters Yes, I know, you re thinking Wait, what You related to Verity Well, maybe I m a crazy pants too, but I digress This book is filled with miscommunications and second chances, pain and healing As parents we always want to do what is best for our children, but maybe what we think is best, really isn t Once again, Colleen s writing stresses the importance of com York Times Bestselling Author Of It Ends With Us Comes A Poignant Novel About Family, First Love, Grief, And Betrayal That Will Touch The Hearts Of Both Mothers And DaughtersMorgan Grant And Her Sixteen Year Old Daughter, Clara, Would Like Nothing Than To Be Nothing AlikeMorgan Is Determined To Prevent Her Daughter From Making The Same Mistakes She Did By Getting Pregnant And Married Way Too Young, Morgan Put Her Own Dreams On Hold Clara Doesn T Want To Follow In Her Mother S Footsteps Ê Regretting You ☆ Download by Ö Colleen Hoover Her Predictable Mother Doesn T Have A Spontaneous Bone In Her BodyWith Warring Personalities And Conflicting Goals, Morgan And Clara Find It Increasingly Difficult To Coexist The Only Person Who Can Bring Peace To The Household Is Chris Morgan S Husband, Clara S Father, And The Family Anchor But That Peace Is Shattered When Chris Is Involved In A Tragic And Questionable Accident The Heartbreaking And Long Lasting Consequences Will Reach Far Beyond Just Morgan And ClaraWhile Struggling To Rebuild Everything That Crashed Around Them, Morgan Finds Comfort In The Last Person She Expects To, And Clara Turns To The One Boy She S Been Forbidden To See With Each Passing Day, New Secrets, Resentment, And Misunderstandings Make Mother And Daughter Fall Further Apart So Far Apart, It Might Be Impossible For Them To Ever Fall Back Together 4.
5 StarsWow, this story is incredible I will admit, after discovering this book is YA or at least has a POV from a sixteen year old character I was trying to lower my expectations, because I haven t been a huge fan of Colleen s past YA books But this book is exceptional.
I went into this book completely blindly, which I love to do with Colleen Hoover books because her stories are so surprising and she s able to write so many plot twists into a contemporary story, it s fascinating So I recommend jumping into this book without knowing much, all you need to know is that it mainly centers on a mother daughter relationship and that it will make you cry The only reason I hesitate to give this a full five stars is because I wasn t super obsessed with the YA romance in this book, I never really am when it comes to YA romance for some reason so that s probably just a me thing, but I am constantly amazed that Colleen can write so many styles and they are all still fabulous She has a way with words that just draw me in no matter the content Regretting You is about a teenage daughter and mother during the hardest time of their lives They already have a hard relationship and when tragedy strikes it take a huge toll on them they both keep things from each other which causes so many problems It s a reminder to always be honest no matter what The characters, despite my lack of things in common, are so relatable It s Colleen s way no matter the character or the situation I can understand and relate to their story I couldn t put it down and finished in a day This is a must read if you like a story with a good flow and enjoyable characters.
I m kind of lost for words right now, so this is going to be a very ramble filled first impression after having finished Regretting You First off, as soon as I started Regretting You, I didn t want to put it down My emotions are currently all over the place, and like I typically do with CoHo s booksI criedthan once haha , but I loved this book so, so much I don t think I ve ever read a book where a mother daughter relationship was such a central focus or portrayed the way that it was here, and plot wise, I most certainly have never read anything remotely like Regretting You This book is raw and doesn t hold backit actually made my jaw drop several times It completely enraptured me and I m currently so overwhelmed feeling wise, but in the best way This is the sort of book that you finish and it makes you realize why you love reading I loved Morgan and Clara and I loved how the story a Ý Regretting You ó Is there a teaser Anything to get us by until December rolls over If not, then this is just cruel CRUEL Torture Waitingwaitingwaiting.

When was the last time you finished a book and thoughtI need to buy this for my momColleen Hoover is a boy mom and she wrote the mother daughter dynamic better than a true story Regretting You is so heartbreaking that it made me uncomfortable It s so moving that I m filled with so much warmth and love and I need this physical copy so I can give it to my daughter when the time is right This book needs to be read With all Hoover books, go in blind, don t worry about the synopsis Just know your heart will thank you.
5 Gave Me All The Feels, Emotional Stars Simply put Colleen Hoover does it again This book about grief, love, friendship and family took me on such an emotional roller coaster I loved the characters CoHo has such a way of making her characters come to life It feels as if you know them I definitely felt that here There is a dual romance that worked really well within the story You will find yourself invested in both these relationships and rooting for the characters to have a true shot at some well deserved happiness The mother daughter relationship represented really resonated with me and touched my heart Doesn t Hoover have a gift for thinking up the BEST leading men She knows how to make you fall for these fictional characters as if they were real Both Jonah and Miles stole my heart They now have a special space for themselves amongst my most beloved book boyfriends Trust me you Well hello there future CoHo book I know it s too soon but I can tell that I m going to love you

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