And Welcome To My Book Inside You Will Find The Smell Of Honeysuckle Heartbreak A French Kissing Rabbit A Haunted House Death A Vagina Singing Sad Old Songs Young Geraniums In An Ancient Castle Birth A Dog Who Appears In Dreams As A Spiritual Guide Divorce Electromagnetic Energy Fields Emotional Horniness The Ghost Of A Sea Captain And I Hope You Enjoy These Little WeirdsLove,Jenny [ Pdf Little Weirds º goddess PDF ] by Jenny Slate ↠´ Slate Memoir Poetry Musings Daydreams Maybe a little bit of everything It was amusing and weird I felt like I was watching a one woman stage play.
I already appreciated Jenny Slate I had my ideal version of a night out seeing her perform a few years ago I walked away from her stand up performance feeling light and airy and ready to act and honour myself, which doesn t necessarily happen to me after a night of comedy In the aftermath I saw the woman I am and maybe I want to beclearly Her book is a continuation of that feeling Reading something that doesn t shy away from naked talk of love even going as far as expressing the want of it , insecurities and just plain beautiful petal soft things is a revelation As woman aren t we always told these are the most frivolous Finishing this book, I realized carving out space for this is a form of rioting It made me write an ode to my independence An ode to my emotional self sufficiency, of which I am the most pro Little Weirds by Jenny Slate was a case of the book not living up to the beautiful cover.
I m a fan of Jenny Slate s so I was really excited when a galley of her new book came in And then I was so disappointed by the content This feels like a book that is trying way to hard to be literary and special It is incredibly overwritten, filled mostly with confusing metaphors and I found myself getting to the end of each piece feeling empty What she is trying to say gets so lost behind the language she is using Many of the essays if they can be called that revolve around her feelings of being alone and lonely It felt like she needed to write this book to deal with those feelings but, seeing as they are not unique feelings, I don t believe that it needed to be put out into the world Every once and a while a piece w ☆ Little Weirds ☆ Astounding Longer review to come.
Comedians writing autobiographies is not a new concept any Jenny Slate succeeds in that she makes her writing new and different Starting with ghost stories and ending with what ifs, she creates a book that dives into her dreams and insecurities While society might deem her quirky or manic pixie whatever , you as the reader get a sense of her as a fully realized person and woman I really enjoyed Slate s Little Weirds This book is a rollercoaster If I called it a memoir, I m afraid you would picture something entirely different Yet, after having read it, you feel like you know Jenny Slate s life in as meaningful a way as if you d read a straightforward autobiography instead of a pastiche of impressions and recollections arranged in a comical, poetical, yet also sorrowful manner In 2019, as I write this, it seems a brave and generous thing to put something personal and artistic into the world It inspired me to want to write a book of my own revisiting some things I might otherwise have left buried So thank you to the author, the publishers, and NetGalley for the chance to review a digital ARC.
I don t like to say that a writer has a unique or singular voice, because all the best ones do But in this case, I honestly can t think of another writer who embraces a similar level of sheer lunacy, and I mean that in the very best way Miranda July certainly approaches it, but it s July s casual dismissal of norms and expectations that sets her apart Slate s childlike playfulness with language ispoetic And funny It s not laugh out loud funny,of a snort giggle funny Except for the piece about the Code of Hammurabi definite lols there However, it s not all jokes There are poignant moments and desperately sad ones She introduces the collection as a response to the current political climate and personal setbacks, but it careens all over the place, ranging from a pretty straightforward memoir of the power of women reveling in each other s company to an onomatopoeic pie I read this book in one sitting, and was transformed Yes, I had a transformative experience while in the middle seat of an American Airlines red eye This is nonfiction magical realism Jenny is my witch godmother and this is her spellbook Jenny s magic is reaching into the multiverse of her heart, gripping an emotion and pulling it into reality Emotion magic is a croissant who makes a wish, a castle named Karen, a dog with flowers on his face Weird and wonderful and full of discovery, this grimoire is equal parts vulnerability and self indulgence we don t normally allow from young women writers Finally, I, too, love dogs and hate horses I read an early, unedited manuscript I obtained as an employee of Hachette Book Group If you are looking for one of those classic funny memoirs by a lady comedian la Bossypants, Yes Please, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me etc do not read this book You will be disappointed HOWEVER if you are looking for a book that is absolutely strange and 100% weird and completely beautiful and so funny at times you will actually LOL while riding the T and so sad at times that you will START CRYING ON A STATIONARY BIKE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM then this is the book for you It is absurd, unexpected, lyrical, and just what I needed Also, there is a reference to the New England Mobile Book Fair, so A just for that.

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