Grady Hendrix s The Southern Book Club s Guide to Slaying Vampires is an absolute ride from start to finish, tasting of sweet tea, Bible verses, and passive aggressive book club members Steel Magnolias meets Dracula as Patricia Campbell and her family are thrust into the hands of a vampire that begins to prey on them mentally and physically Can a years long crime fiction book club posing as a Bible study group take on a centuries old charmer The earrings come off for this house wife power tale of horror and familial struggle against a highly unanticipated foe James Harris.
Grady Hendrix has been churning out some amazing horror books for quite some time now But it wasn t until his last release, the highly acclaimed We Sold Our Souls, that I feel like he finally got the notoriety that he s been due Now everybody is aware of what a lot of us already knew, the guy has some serious writing chops and can spin a tale better than most Needless to say, when I received an advance copy of his latest offering from publisher Quirk books, I couldn t wait to dig in The description immediately intrigued me and the cover is just completely hilarious.
Patricia Campbell is a housewife and mother living in a suburban area of Charleston, South Carolina Her daily life consists mainly of dealing with her unappreciative children and a marriage that grows and stale with each passing month The one and This is not a fluffy, fun vampire book It was gruesome and savage, but I really liked it Living in Myrtle Beach, I loved the fact that this took place in Mt.
Pleasant, loved the fact it was in the early 90s, and loved the fact it was a book club at the heart of the story.
Most of the characters weren t particularly likeable UGH, the husbands , but that didn t take away from the story at all This was my first book by Grady Hendrix, but I will definitely read in the future when I want to be scared and grossed out.
5 StarsLet me preface this review by explaining that I am not the biggest fan of the vampire subgenre of horror Further, I have a luke warm track record when it comes to Grady Hendrix s fiction I love the the concepts behind his work, but I often struggle with the execution I consider Hendrix to be one of the most intelligent modern horror authors who writes incredibly self aware, satirical pieces Yet, as a novel, they don t always work for me So if you are a die hard fan of Grady Hendrix or love vampire stories, this novel could easily be a five star read for you It wasn t for me However, I think this is the best of all his published novels.
Set in the 1980s, this can be read as a very loose follow up novel to My Best Friend s Exorcism However, there is no need to read that one first I appreciated the 1980s references, which were present, but subtle In many ways, ô The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires ô Review to come

The middle aged moms fighting evil horror story I never knew I needed Perfect.
5 starsPatricia Campbell is your typical suburban housewife she always has a mile long to do list to keep the lives of her husband and two kids functioning smoothly and it mostly goes unnoticed and she s recently taken on the care of her mother in law whose health is declining rapidly.
The one thing she has for herself is book club, a group of Charleston moms who enjoy obsessing over true crime and relate over the trials of marriage and motherhood They help each other out in times of need and Patricia is grateful to have these women in her life.
When her elderly neighbor dies, Patricia s southern manners determine she needs to take a casserole to James Harris, the grand nephew taking care of the final arrangements She finds herself strangely attracted to the mysterious stranger at first but soon she can t shak I fell into this one with it s sense of nostalgia and often it s out and out horror Grady Hendrix is a brilliantly dark and dastardly writer who lulls you into a false sense of security then BAM hits you with moments that make you clutch at your head, grimacing wildly but unable to look away.
The ladies of this book club are a vibrantly eclectic lot, whose lives follow the path of least resistance in often hilariously insightful ways They read about the darkest crimes whilst vacuuming their curtains, then one day real danger arrives in the form of the enigmatically attractive James Harris.
This novel has all the horror layers you would hope for, whilst attaching you to the protagonists with a fairly unshakeable bond It is a crazily relevant vampire tale, in this case with no Van Helsing waiting in the wings, just Korey and Blue s Mom Patricia It really isn Grady Hendrix is a mood that I am here for.
Green Tomatoes And Steel Magnolias Meet Dracula In This Southern Flavored Supernatural Thriller Set In The S About A Women S Book Club That Must Protect Its Suburban Community From A Mysterious And Handsome Stranger Who Turns Out To Be A Blood Sucking FiendPatricia Campbell Had Always Planned For A Big Life, But After Giving Up Her Career As A Nurse To Marry An Ambitious Doctor And Become A Mother, Patricia ò The Southern Book Clubs Guide to Slaying Vampires ✓ Download by ☆ Grady Hendrix S Life Has Never Felt Smaller The Days Are Long, Her Kids Are Ungrateful, Her Husband Is Distant, And Her To Do List Is Never Really Done The One Thing She Has To Look Forward To Is Her Book Club, A Group Of Charleston Mothers United Only By Their Love For True Crime And Suspenseful Fiction In These Meetings, They Re Likely To Discuss The FBI S Recent Siege Of Waco As Much As The Ups And Downs Of Marriage And MotherhoodBut When An Artistic And Sensitive Stranger Moves Into The Neighborhood, The Book Club S Meetings Turn Into Speculation About The Newcomer Patricia Is Initially Attracted To Him, But When Some Local Children Go Missing, She Starts To Suspect The Newcomer Is Involved She Begins Her Own Investigation, Assuming That He S A Jeffrey Dahmer Or Ted Bundy What She Uncovers Is Far Terrifying, And Soon She And Her Book Club Are The Only People Standing Between The Monster They Ve Invited Into Their Homes And Their Unsuspecting Community

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