This is my 4th book by West and probably my least favorite I think this story had the potential to be better, but it fell flat for me It just seemed like the MC s didn t have real chemistry I read another book like that last year where the author tried to make them have chemistry but they just didn t So not only was the marriage in this one fake, the chemistry came off as fake Of course there are plenty of books out there with fake marriages for various reasons, but this one was just silly I did alot of skimming in this one because I did want to see how it ended.
This was a fun, quick read featuring a fake relationship, which is one of my favorite tropes.
Uptight British bookshop Owner Emily Bartlett Goes To Las Vegas To Get Over A Humiliating Breakup, She S Expecting To Make A Few Mistakes But When She Meets Ruby Knight, A Pessimistic American C List TV Actress With Designs On A Movie Career, She Makes A Whopper The Pair Get So Incredibly Drunk Together That They End Up Getting Accidently Married In The Cold Light Of Day, Both Women Are Shocked To Find Themselves Wedded To A Virtual Stranger But Maybe It S Not Such A Big Mistake Trailer ✓ Just Married? PDF by è Natasha West Could Ruby S Marriage To Emily Help Boost Her Profile And Get Her The Biggest Role Of Her Life, Earning Emily A Big Payday In The Process Only If They Can Make It Seem Like They Re Really In Love And Only If They Can Navigate The Treacherous LA Movie Scene Without Tripping Themselves Up And Giving The Game Away Or Worse, Getting Carried Away With Their Fake Relationship But What If They Do Let Themselves Feel Something Could They Fall In Love Or Are They Just Married A Witty Romantic Comedy, Just Married Is The Latest Book From Natasha West, The Internationally Bestselling Author Of By Any Other Name And The Plus One I went on strike with this author because she wasn t coming out with Book 3 of the Plus One Trilogy quick enough for me But I was in the mood for anything not on my to do list, sampled various KU books, ejected out of many, tried again until I settled in with this one After a few chapters, it became clear to me that I ve only been punishing myself in not reading anyNatasha West books because the writing is clever, breezy, and the main characters are always lovable Just Married fit my craving for quick fun but decent writing A little rushed at the end but I m not complaining Inbasket to self noauthor strikes ever again.
3 stars I enjoyed this book, but it was nothing amazing This book is about a British bookstore Owner, Emily Bartlett, whose fiance breaks up with her after cheating on her for six months Emily is called boring and predictable and her ex fiance just moves in with the girl she has been cheating with Emily needs to get away and takes a trip to the first place in America she can get a plane to, Vegas In Vegas, she meets Ruby Knight, a C rate TV actress who is currently in a teen drama They start to spend time and drink together and they wake up the next morning married to one another They both find themselves married to a stranger and unsure what to do Ruby s agent thinks they should stay married as it is boosting Ruby s career and her chances to get a lead in a big movie role Emily agrees and they start their wild time together I enjoyed this book, but it was was just okay The Nearly a 3 ½ Just Married? ½ ok it was cute, but could have done with someediting and there were a few points where things were kind of abrupt like denise s change of heart near the end , but pretty decent f f adult romance.
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Just married Sweet, easy read with enough twists and turns to make it an amusing but sometimes serious plot that keeps you turning the pages.
Book 11 that I ve read by this author and unfortunately it didn t meet my expectations The blurb had me immediately intrigued because the combination of a drunken Vegas wedding and a fauxmance in one sounded amazing.
To be fair, the book started off great and it completely had my attention The pacing was a little fast though but given the length of the book that was to be expected I liked the main characters well enough, even though I wanted to whack them upside the head every now and then for either being a jerkRubyor being a spineless pushoverEmily Ruby .
The part that ruined this book for me was caused mainly by a secondary character This person s manipulative behavior and abrasive personality was too dramatized and so very over the top that I had a hard time not getting angry for real The other minor part While it is true that miscommunication lack of communication communication mistakes are a tried and true addition to Romances and Comedy, going back centuries even what s Romeo and Juliet but a lack of communication miscommunication scenario, eh I shall take this drug to make myself appear dead so that it will be easier toumappear deadfor reasons of starting life anew elsewhere with my beloved Oh, monk priest dude let my beloved know I didn t really kill myself, okay monk dude nods evilly woman drinks, body grows cold and stiff Begins to smell what, it s the age of open sewers and little hygiene What s this NOOO My beloved has mysteriously died for no known reason, maybe because her heart burst from love, fear or lack of oxygen It is kind of closed off down here pulls out dagger, monk dude peers around corne

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