This was the second beauty and the beast themed book I have read recently not on purpose I definitely found this to be the better of the two This was a very sweet and sad book The heroine, Kitty, pretends and engagement to a reclusive duke Said duke, Alexander, is a recluse due to the scaring and injuries sustained saving his sister from a fire by jumping out of a window with her Kitty makes Alexander feel again and they have a very sweet courtship but Alexander pushes her away because he fear he will never be able to make love to her He is impotent after the fire but since kitty has come into his life things are beginning to stir I really enjoyed this book and look forward toin this sinful wallflower series.
I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid is quite the unusual historical romance And you re probably thinking, What s unusual about another beauty and the beast story with a scarred hero Plenty, actually Miss Kitty Danvers decides to make up a lie to save her family from penury The newspapers and gossip pages are constantly publishing unfounded stories about the reclusive Duke of Thornton The Duke has never bothered to write back to prove or disprove any of these claims Kitty decides to take advantage of the latest gossip about the Duke snatching up a fiancee she pens a letter to the media confirming that she is the betrothed of the elusive Duke Right away, Kitty and her sister become belles of the ball and her sister finally has a chance of finding a husband Stacy Reid is one of my utmost favorite historical romance writer for a reason and this book by far is the best I have read from her.
Basically, I loved everything about this book and could not find any flaw that comes to mind The plot of the book is reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast and quite honestly had Kitty did not explicitly say so in the book I would not have realized the similarity, I was quite daft to not see it.
Reading the plot unfold I was enraptured withe the blossoming friendship and romance between Kitty and Alexander, their companionship and banter with each other was so sweet to read It was really nice to see that Kitty just accepted Alexander as he is and just intruded into his life as if they had been lifelong friends.
As you can see, the friendship between them is what got to me and not the sexual interlude between Just could not put this down Katherine Danvers and her group of friends are wallflowers and have been overlooked to achieve wedded bliss Katherine decides that if she is going to get her sisters married and settled she has to be bold and steam roll ahead Most talked about the Duke of Thornton has not been seen for years Plan is to announce him as her fiance thinking that he will never know about it Plans never turn out like they should and when the Duke appears deals are made and surprises ensue A copy of this book was provided by Entangled via NetGalley with no requirements for a review Comments here are my honest opinion.
Wallflowers are usually not devious, but some are desperate enough to go to extremes Miss Katherine Danvers thinks that the only way to pull her family out of ruination is to use the name of the mysterious Duke of Thorton When she declares Thorton as her fiance, her world changes in ways she never expects Money, attention, and a new townhouse come from out of nowhere While keeping a tally of all the money she ll need to pay back to the duke, she almost faints when the reclusive duke shows up at a ball.
Alexander Masters, the Duke of Thorton, was injured and scarred in a fire where he rescued his sister but lost his parents He has kept himself and his sister away from London in the safety of his Scottish estate When wo Oh my With such a tormented, broken hero, it is no wonder I was completely captivated by every word in this book When Kitty is in desperate need to help her family she makes a wicked decision, sure that she is safe from her lie being discovered At least by the man she has unknowingly pulled into her deception.
Alexander lives a lonely life He has no hope for the future and lives with the memories of horror as his constant companion But when he learns about Kitty and the con that she is pulling on London s society, rather than anger he is intrigued And soon he is stepping out of the shadows of his home and back into society where Kitty offers the sweetest kind of hope that can never be fulfilledHe wanted to know everything about her until this perplexing hunger was sated And suddenly he needed to possess herthan his next breathWhile Kitty was an Katherine Danvers Is A Desperate Wallflower Her Family Is On The Brink Of Financial Ruin, And It Is Up Her To Save Her Mother And Sisters From A Life Of Indignities So She Transforms Herself Into The Incomparable Kitty Danvers, The Fianc E Of The Enigmatic And Reclusive Alexander Masters, Duke Of Thornton Once Dubbed The Mad, Bad, And Dangerous Catch Of The SeasonTen Years Ago, Society And The Woman Alexander Masters Loved Called Him A Monster, After A Tragic Accident Left Him Scarred [ Pdf My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers, #1) ã young-adult-romance PDF ] by Stacy Reid ã And Confined To A Wheelchair His Heart Exists In Cold, Lonely Exile, Until He Learns He Has A Fianc E A Deceptive, Clever, And Utterly Intriguing Woman He S Never Met Miss Danvers Will Now Learn The Consequences Of Engaging Herself To The Beast, For Alexander Is Determined To Make Her His Soon, They Are Involved In A Chase, A Clash Of Wills, And Though He Once Vowed To Never Love Again, He Burns For The Enchanting Miss Danvers And Denying His Heart May Cost Him An Exquisite Love That Happens Only Once In A Lifetime ↠´ My Darling Duke (Sinful Wallflowers, #1) Ò In her acknowledgments, Stacy Reid states that reviews to authors are like a pot of gold to leprechauns I want to add to her rainbow I ADORED THIS BOOK My Darling Duke takes the familiar trope of the fake engagement and raises it a notch Miss Katherine Danvers Kitty creates a fake engagement to the Duke of Thornton, a man she has never met Her desperation to help her sisters secure marriage offers, leads her to pull out all the stops to make the ton believe her audacious plan.
Alexander Masters is a reclusive duke who has hidden himself in Scotland after a tragedy that left him physically and mentally scarred He is broken and lonely and becomes intrigued by Kitty s exploits Intrigued enough to come to London to meet her and to ask for something unexpected from Kitty to keep safe all that she has achieved for her family.
As Alexander s physical and emotional afflictions become known received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review My Darling Duke by Stacy Reid is the first book in the new Sinful Wallflower series The Sinful Wallflowers are a group of young ladies who tired of being passed by have decided to take decisive action Katharine Kitty Danvers wants to ensure her sisters make suitable matches but she doesn t have the connections and they don t have any dowries She comes up with the idea of pretending to be engaged to Alexander Masters, Duke of Thornton a recluse who never comes to London While her plan is successful it s also getting out of hand because between the scandal sheets and the Duke s lawyers deciding that they should be finding her a house to live in, gowns for balls and a carriage, she has no idea how she will repay all of this Alexander was severely inju This was a new to me author and I was in love with the cover and synopsis and beyond excited when my wish was granted by the publisher I love love loved Kitty and Alexander They re both smart, stubborn, good people in seemingly difficult situations They re so much alike, it was delightful reading them navigate this fake real relationship Oh, and I could have choked on the chemistry between them Alexander s sister, Penny is charming, and even the household staff was impertinent and so supportive.
Plot wise it was fantastic There s loads of communication and yes, it s not always the complete truth, but I never tired of the inner monologue from either MC The thread of Alexander s injury had a new to me aspect and I really enjoyed reading them figure things out Yes, I m being vague on purpose Overall, I was basically smitten with these characters from the very first page and I m thrill

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