5 The Shortbread Talisman StarsWhat an absolutely and utterly BRILLIANT Christmasy HR anthology this book was From start to finish How The Dukes Stole was undoubtable perfection, with each of the four tales enchanting me to no end and making me crave evenof these enrapturing characters and their stories Complete and wholehearted holiday warm and fuzzy feelings that made me feel as though I was living the holidays right along with them True Christmas in October feels that I recommend to every single HR lover out there 3 3 3 3 3Full review to follow ARC kindly provided by the authors for an honest review rating only for Tessa Dare s story Magic Is In The Air From The Ballrooms Of London, To Abandoned Scottish Castles, To The Snowy Streets Of Gilded Age New York, Four Bestselling Authors Whip Up Some Unforgettable Romancewith A Little Help From Some Enchanted Shortbread Meet Me In Mayfair By Tessa DareLouisa Ward Needs A Christmas Miracle Unless She Catches A Wealthy Husband At The Ball Tonight, The Horrid, Heartless Duke Of Thorndale Will Evict Her Family From Their Beloved Mayfair Home But When Her Friend Begs To Switch Dance Trailer É How the Dukes Stole Christmas PDF by Ú Tessa Dare Cards, Louisa Finds Herself Waltzing With The Enemy The Horrid, Heartless And Unexpectedly Handsome Thorndale Himself Now The Duke S Holding Her Future In His Handsand He S Not Letting Go The Duke Of Christmas Present By Sarah MacLean Rich And Ruthless, Eben, Duke Of Allryd, Has No Time For Holidays Holidays Are For Whimsy And Charm The Only Two Things His Money Cannot Buy Lady Jacqueline Mosby Is Full Of Both, Even Now, Twelve Years After She Left To See The World When Jacqueline Returns For A Single Christmas, Eben Can T Resist The Woman He Never Stopped Lovingor The Future That Had Once Been In Reach It Will Take A Miracle To Convince Her To Staybut If Ever There Were A Time For Miracles, It S Christmas Heiress Alone By Sophie Jordan When Annis Bannister S Family Leaves Her Behind In The Rush To Escape An Impending Snowstorm, She Finds Herself Stranded In The Highlands, Left To Fend Off Brigands Terrorizing The Countryside, Robbing Homes Locked Up For Winter Her Only Hope Falls On Her Neighbor, A Surly Hermit Duke Who Unravels Her With A Look, Then A Kiss Until She Fears The Danger To Her Heart Outweighs The Danger Of Brigands And Snowstorms Christmas In Central Park By Joanna ShupeWomen All Over America Devour Mrs Walker S Weekly Column For Recipes And Advice No One Knows Rose, The Column S Author, Can T Even Boil Water When The Paper S Owner, Duke Havemeyer, Insists She Host A Christmas Party, Rose Must Scramble To Find A Husband, An Empty Mansion, And A Cook But Duke Is Not A Man Easily Fooled And She Fears Her Perfect Plan Is Failing Especially When Duke S Attentions Make Her Feel Anything But Professional To Save Her Career Will She Give Up Her Chance At Love Rated thusly for the utter tripe that is Meet Me in Mayfair by Tessa Dare Why launch the book with this ridiculousness Approaching men at balls with no introduction Leaving an establishment in male company Bare assed sex in a coach Wandering about London at night on foot A grown man of that era not knowing a woman can t go into gentlemen s clubs An adult male willingly traipsing about Mayfair with a Virgin he picked up at a ball, on some stupid sightseeing tour For hours Until 5am Why Him taking liquor from a club doorman and them doing shots in a doorway to warm up What The Heck Is This Who approved it Are editors a thing of the past It s scandalous enough to remain on the dance floor after their dance to begin with I don t get how she could, logistically speaking, take ov So, I got my Christmas spirit going a bit early this year with my reads I do have to say that I did enjoy all but the last novella on the Dukes It was a delightful read and I must say that Sarah MacLean s novel was the height of them all Recommend this read and as a summation of them all, I am rating this as a 3.
5 rounded to 4 Stars.
4 Stars Terribly, terribly anachronistic.
We have dukes triasping around London on foot with young girls past midnight And the who s who of society assembling into the kitchen to watch the hostess bake cookies at a dinner party And a duke getting buck naked and sharing body head to prevent the frozen heroine from hypothermia All the while as his servants walk in on them , merrily without knocking These novellas were a series of jaw dropping WTF moments that made it really hard for me to get into the book and enjoyThat being said , while I go by chemistry and writing flair for judging enjoyment, Tessa Dare s contribution was the best of the lot.
How the Dukes Stole Christmas ↠´ To be fair, I didn t read the whole thing It s 5.
99 and I have a high bar for 5.
99 I can get very good books for a lot less, so unless this was a sure thing, I m not spending the.
I read the sample Which is like 7 8 chapters of Tessa Dare s story in the anthology Since she s the author I like best in the group, if her story can t hook me, there s little hope for the rest of the book.
And unfortunately, it didn t hook me 1 Most anthologies are too rushed I like depth in a book, and these short stories don t let that happen Rarely, anyway For a sample, I m already half way done with one story That s how much depth I m getting.
2 Maybe because it s too rushed, TD s story just didn t appeal that much I don t really feel the chemistry between the H h, the tension or anticipation And I m pretty sure I m not going to get any hot love scenes in these short stories Or if I do, they will be very bri

Meet Me in Mayfair by Tessa Dare .
5 The Duke of Christmas Present by Sarah MacLean Heiress Alone by Sophie Jordan would ve enjoyed itif i wasn t told that the main character wasn t like other women every two pages tbh Christmas in Central Park by Joanna Shupe The main reason I got this book was Meet Me in Mayfair by Tessa Dare And it was as good as I thought it would be.
Louisa meets at a ball the man who owns her family home Duke of Thorndale only wants to sell all his London properties and go back to Yorkshire He hates London and he believes that all the Londoners lie all the time and they want to take advantage of him.
Louisa is desperate Duke does not know who she is, but maybe she can enthral himconvince him not to sell her home, so that her family does not move in the middle of nowhere.
A night walk around frozen cold beautiful London will make Luisa and James fall in love James is not that heartless and horrid apparently and Luisa decides that maybe moving to Isle of Jersey wouldn t be that bad She likes James and she does not want to ask him anything in return.
My favourite part of the book is when James finall 2.
5 Stars, rounded up due primarily to my obsession for everything Tessa Dare writes Argh, I hate being the lone grinch who s less than enad with this anthology, but I just wasn t nearly as engaged and enchanted as I d hoped I tend to love novellas since I often lack the patience for the drawn out miscommunications and repetitiveness that longer romance novels bring us Honestly, though, I found the last two of these four stories tedious even as novellas and can t imagine finishing them if they d been full length novels Another thing I often appreciate about anthologies is how the separate stories are clearly or subtly connected In this case, the only commonality is that each one mentioned shortbread, whichreally 1 Tessa Dare s novella was written with her usual sp

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