You Ever Wanted To Solve A Murder Gather The Clues The Police Overlooked Put Together The Pieces Identify The Suspect Journalist Billy Jensen Spent Fifteen Years Investigating Unsolved Murders, Fighting For The Families Of Victims Every Story He Wrote Had One Thing In Common They Didn T Have An Ending The Killer Was Still Out ThereBut After The Sudden Death Of A Friend, Crime Writer And Author Of I Ll Be Gone In The Dark, Michelle McNamara, Billy Became Fed Up Following A Dark Night, He Came Up [Billy Jensen] á Chase Darkness with Me [managers PDF] read Online × With A Plan A Plan To Investigate Past The Point When The Cops Had Given Up A Plan To Solve The Murders HimselfYou Ll Ride Shotgun As Billy Identifies The Halloween Mask Murderer, Finds A Missing Girl In The California Redwoods, And Investigates The Only Other Murder In New York City On You Ll Hear Intimate Details Of The Hunts For Two Of The Most Terrifying Serial Killers In History His Friend Michelle McNamara S Pursuit Of The Golden State Killer And His Own Quest To Find The Murderer Of The Allenstown Four And Billy Gives You The Tools And The Rules To Help Solve Murders YourselfGripping, Complex, Unforgettable, Chase Darkness with Me Is An Examination Of The Evil Forces That Walk Among Us, Illustrating A Novel Way To Catch Those Killers, And A True Crime Narrative Unlike Any You Ve read Before I came into this book with no expectations I ve listened to My Favorite Murder since the beginning and was familar with Jensen as a result of the podcast which he was a guest on during the GSK drama and the book he helped complete after Michelle McNamara s death I ll be Gone in the Dark In this book, Jensen takes the reader through his childhood, when his father would show him newspaper articles about criminals being caught This was the beginning of his love of true crime, which lead to his job as a crime journalist However, after seeing crime after crime go unsolved, he decided to start solving them on his own using social media and the few contacts he had He then details a slew of unsolved crimes missing persons cases he has helped solve If you re looking for a true crime book about big, flashy cases, this isn t it True crime is having a moment Growing up, I used to sneak read True Detective magazine under the covers But now, those of us who are true crime fans can admit to our fascination without sounding too weird What drives an interest in true crime Contrary to what some may believe, fans do not derive voyeuristic pleasure out of the misery of others Investigative journalist Billy Jensen s driving force is empathy for the victims and their families and the desire to make the monsters pay for their crimes The focus of his work, and this book, is justice, not gratuitous details.
Jensen details his early work as a journalist and what drove him to crime investigations He is unflinchingly honest about his frustrations and failures, as well as his successes He writes about his friendship with Michele McNamara, who was in

I reviewed a digital version of this book The author was a friend and colleague of Michelle McNamera s until she passed away while working on her true crime book, I ll Be Gone In The Dark He is one of several who helped her husband to finish the book and get it published This is his story, telling how he went from just reporting on stories to getting so frustrated that he jumped in and started solving them He and Michelle had plans to work together at it as soon as she sent off her book manuscript to the publishers, which sadly never happened as she passed away It tells how Jensen began in murder solving How he fumbled and got advice, and learned and kept on Like most anything, the you do it and learn about it, the better you get at it Then, at long last, he sol 4.
5 starsSometimes a tragedy can spur one onto doing something, of taking a stand, of getting involved With the death of his friend, Michele McNamara, the author of I ll Be Gone In the Dark, a book I read and so enjoyed, Billy Jensen becomes involved in the concept and tracking of killers who got away With the advent of DNA tracking, many, who were previously living among us, though that was denied the ones they killed, were fated to be found While Ms McNamara died before the Golden State killer was identified, her relentless and exhaustive research on him was the catalyst to spur Mr Jensen on to taking up the gauntlet pursuing other killers Jensen was also one of those who assisted in completing Michelle s book after her untimely dea

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