Dra ni suchary, powierzchowno i miejscami infantylny ton przez d u szy czas mia am wra enie, e to jest ksi ka dla dzieci pod koniec okazuje si , e jednak dla doros ych.
Dra ni sztywny przek ad i decyzja zapewne t umacza, eby wszystkie bezpo rednie zwroty do czytelnika by y w rodzaju m skim, jakby nie mo na by o u y chocia liczby mnogiej.
Dra ni bardzo antropocentryczne mimo kilku apeli o to, eby my jako ludzie nie my leli tylko o sobie podej cie i bezrefleksyjne przedstawianie wykorzystywania zwierz t jedzenia mi sa, produkcji jedwabiu itdTo taki raczej zbi r ciekawostek niekt re s niez e, okej Dla dzieci chyba e kto nie chce, eby jego dzieci czyta y o nietypowym seksie.
A spectacularly interesting and highly readable book, jam packed with enough facts and statistics to make the reader an instant entomologist.
Not only will you meet the weird and wonderful in these pages, but you also get a very clear sense of the negative impact humans are having on our planet and the insect world which is way older than ours.
The author s writing style is immediately engaging and I was half way through this before I even noticed it I would have liked to see some colorful pictures of the creatures she describes, but the illustrations which are included, are very beautifully done and it still gets top marks.
Absolutely fascinating a triumph.
Enthusiastic, Witty, And Informative Introduction To The World Of Insects And Why We And The Planet We Inhabit Could Not Survive Without ThemInsects Comprise Roughly Half Of The Animal Kingdom They Live Everywhere Deep Inside Caves, , Feet High In The Himalayas, Inside Computers, In Yellowstone S Hot Springs, And In The Ears And Nostrils Of Much Larger Creatures There Are Insects That Have Ears On Their Knees, Eyes On Their Penises, And Tongues Under Their Feet Most Of Us Download Epub Format × Insektenes planet PDF by Ö Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson Think Life Would Be Better Without Bugs In Fact, Life Would Be Impossible Without ThemMost Of Us Know That We Would Not Have Honey Without Honeybees, But Without The Pinhead Sized Chocolate Midge, Cocoa Flowers Would Not Pollinate No Cocoa, No Chocolate The Ink That Was Used To Write The Declaration Of Independence Was Derived From Galls On Oak Trees, Which Are Induced By A Small Wasp The Fruit Fly Was Essential To Medical And Biological Research Experiments That Resulted In Six Nobel Prizes Blowfly Larva Can Clean Difficult Wounds Flour Beetle Larva Can Digest Plastic Several Species Of Insects Have Been Essential To The Development Of Antibiotics Insects Turn Dead Plants And Animals Into Soil They Pollinate Flowers, Including Crops That We Depend On They Provide Food For Other Animals, Such As Birds And Bats They Control Organisms That Are Harmful To Humans Life As We Know It Depends On These Small CreaturesWith Ecologist Anne Sverdrup Thygeson As Our Capable, Entertaining Guide Into The Insect World, We Ll Learn That There Is Variety Among Insects Than We Can Even Imagine And The You Learn About Insects, The Fascinating They BecomeBuzz, Sting, Bite Is An Essential Introduction To The Little Creatures That Make The World Go Round Did you know that tiny ants, collectively, outweigh us humans Did you know ants started agriculturethan 50 millions year before we did That ants and other little creatures are helping us find new antibiotics Maybe you did know that already But I guarantee you, most of us have no clue how much is going on in our world, hidden in plain sight, or ignored, unheeded, unappreciated, by humans My humble plan is to convince you that insects are fun, fabulous and incredibly important annesver Mission Accomplished My own mission, entomophagy, led me to Twitter s annesver What a lively presence Anne Sverdrup Thygeson, aka annesver, brings to the much maligned world of social media Of the 8,000 tweeps I follow, not even the top one percent are as enlightening, entertaining, pithy, and erudite as this professor of life sciences in Oslo, Norway Just as bugs are hated, Twitter is reviled and bla Forfatteren har en utrolig god formidlingsevne og, ikke minst, glede Jeg har l rt og delt videre kuri se og spenstige fakta om alskens insekt, men kn ttefe burger er jeg nok kanskje ikke helt klar for.
Naprawd uwielbiam czyta takie ksi ki, pomimo tego, e brzydz si wszelakich robali, a czytaj c o larwach mam niezidentyfikowane drgawki.
Ca kowita paranoja Z tej ksi ki dowiedzia am si tylu ciekawych i przydatnych rzeczy, e g owa ma a Bez tych ma ych yj tek nie by oby praktycznie nic Bardzo polecam.
ñ Insektenes planet ð Features common insects like ants and bees, and how they contribute to our society life And lesser known unseen ones, like a tiny mite that s the only one the right size to crawl into the cacao flower to pollinate it I ll think of that next time I have some chocolate.

Jepp, dette blir rets julegave til noen jeg kjenner Topp bok Oh, this was such a delight.
The author loves her insects and you simply can t help but be swept up in her enthusiasm for her creepy crawly subject.
While I ll never be as buggy over bugs as our author, she definitely gave me a new appreciation for our insect friends After reading this, I can honestly say that insects are pretty cool.
Very happy to have read this one A whirlwind tour of the insect world and the impact they have on the environment The speed of which the author jumps from fact to fact meant that I never got invested in each insect or story I wish it had gone a bit slower and into a bitdepth about each story and really fleshed them out.

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